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“Changes” by Carolyn Page, critique by Sharmishtha Basu


This is the second part of Carolyn’s journey,.One or more parts will follow. In the first part “Tomorrow’s end” she gave us a glimpse into future. A future not only light workers but most of us have started to long for, a future which present generation of human beings are forcing us to forget, by filling up our worlds with war and hatred. A future where human beings will start acting like God’s image they call themselves, and live in harmony and love with each other and rest of the earth!

She has shared her life with us, and shown us how our sufferings and past don’t decide who we will become! It is our innate desire that decides us. Being human we are prone to straying but we can always return to our path. She has shown a LOT of courage in this book, I can’t imagine baring myself that much to the world. She has shared how bleak and painful her life was, for years pain and suffering hounded her and that only made her a gem, so, we should not be scared of the pain, suffering and torments thrown at us but use them as the tools that sharpen the rough rock into a shining diamond.

She has shared how we can consciously guide ourselves into building a better tomorrow, and the changes that will come through that collective effort, there is one thing we should remember, every change needs collective effort and now is the time that the sane people should unite with the spiritual souls, who “have faith into a better tomorrow” to end this bleak, dark period of human civilization and lead the world into a brighter, more beautiful tomorrow.

There are two ways of reading the works of a spiritual person, actual two ways, one you can read her works thoroughly and then compare it with your own life and see if you have something worth taking from her life, then keep that. Or if you discover your guru your mentor in her and follow her path!

The second way is reading her journey as her own and muse how much your journeys resemble, then keep her words in mind as you chart your own path, because you are like me, who prefers charting own path on your own, but that does not means you don’t see her wisdom, some or more are far wiser than your own! I of course read her work in my way, in this way! The things I loved most about these two books is their clarity. How clearly Carolyn has talked about the tomorrow she is trying to bring on earth, and honestly speaking, though time has made me a bit pessimistic about human beings I still will love to consciously help her into brining the tomorrow she wants. Till then, just as she told me in her last email I will hold on to my truth! The truth that we can consciously beat evil by not surrendering to it! By trying our tiniest bit to thwart it, resist it, desist it.

In the end, I will give ten out of five to these two books, these books are meant for sane and spirituals, those who are still clinging to the hope (I am too) that somehow we will be able to change the mindset of majority of people and change this world into a beautiful world, without any disastrous event like mass level extinction, or alien intervention like “The day earth stood still” in which an alien species was about to wipe out human civilization from earth because they decided quite rightly that human beings don’t have any right to destroy earth. Unlike politicians spirituals and sane people always enjoy reading the views of others even if they don’t agree to a single word said! They know that their own perspective can be totally wrong, so they are always open to the views, point of views of others. That is why I will suggest Carolyn’s total journey to spirituals and sane people, because these books have lot to say!


tomorrow’s end



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2 thoughts on ““Changes” by Carolyn Page, critique by Sharmishtha Basu

  1. Wow, Trisha; once again your insight is astounding. Only someone who themselves adheres to many of the desires and values of a book such as ‘Changes’ could possibly appreciate it as much as you evidence in your critique.
    Thank You so much, Dear Trisha. Your strength of character, your sincerity, and your friendship I hold extremely close and dear.
    Your friend and supporter:
    Carolyn Page


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