Sharmishtha Basu


Well what can I say about myself? Well, just a bit maybe, explore the rest yourself, in my blogs and my works. You will see me all over wordpress, the key that unlocked the passionate writer/artist sleeping inside me, the first nudge was from MSN by waking me up with magic wand, WordPress did the rest. It’s amazing group of bloggers have the entire credit of what I have become today.

They gave me a passion to enjoy my life thoroughly, which otherwise might have become really bleak, my friends know that, I don’t want to bore my readers by sharing details.

You can check out my books in amazon

Or a dozen wordpress blogs,

my pet is

it will stay so even after agnishatdal starts flying high because first born is always first born.

If you want to write a comment check out my post and comment on that [I will have to change the theme I fear, because the contact forms are not working]:

A beautiful, priceless gift from my friend Carolyn Page in

Kevin Cooper in


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