email to send your works- and

If you want to join it as a writer, here is what I want to say,

1. You can utilize this writing experience as a booster to your own dreams, we all are pursuing one thing or other in life, some of us are busy in some career some in our writing/painting/blogging world.

Use your bio/ self intro to share yourself with your readers, who you are, what you are capable of and what you can offer them. Remember one thing, Agnishatdal is not about one person, I may be it’s creator but it is for all of us! So feel absolutely free to tell, boast …

Use your page (advertisement page) to give people a vivid or elaborate glimpse into your world.

read the remaining here-

2. You can write almost anything you want- I will try to keep it that way, by almost anything I meant anything that is not naughty or hurtful. As my blogs Agnishatdal too wont be posting eros, romance is fine as long as a father and son can both discuss about it, or a mother and son!

By anything I meant-

A cartoon, A poem, A personal Essay about anything- your town, your experiences, your views, An article, a painting, a sketch, a photograph!

The rights will absolutely stay yours, I will only automatically take the permission of using it here, in the magazine and facebook, and in the annual digest of Agnishatdal, if I publicize the magazine elsewhere then there too.

You can do anything you wish with your works, I will have no rights on that ground.

3. It is my dream project, that much is only true, it might have become very lack luster had you not extended your hands and joined mine. Actually I personally believe it would have been really drab!😉

Though it will be my responsibility to keep the magazine bulky but it will be my actual joy to share your works in it, so that we can add something from all corners of the world in it.

As I will not be able to pay you anything financially in the first year I will try to make up by other means, by making the magazine reach more and more people, so that our toils spread all across the globe.

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4. if you have sent me your work will you please scroll an inch or two down the left sidebar and see the image with name of writers, click on it and it will take you to the page where the list of the writers whose works have reached me is shared, if your name is not there do let me know! Please! Leave a comment here and in gmail too!



  1. Your spirits energy touches us deeply my dear sister! You are a gem! We do write because we love to share the love which lives within us…the amazing gift from the One who creates eternally! Hugs and blessings!


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