Gayle Walters Rose


Gayle Walters Rose was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. along with five siblings. She currently resides in Sebastian, FL, a small community on the east coast nestled along the Indian River that feeds into the Atlantic Ocean. She is the mother of two daughters and grandmother to Mira who all live in Sebastian. She has been writing about true life experiences, musings of the spirit, her former ashram life and the occasional fiction since August of 2010 at Bodhirose’s Blog ( She has been published in the Orlando Sentinel and Nain Rouge. She recently joined a local writing group of women who meet on the porch of the late poet, novelist and essayist Laura Riding Jackson’s preserved home nearby and call themselves The Porch Writers.

A few words from Agnishatdal (aka her creator Sharmishtha Basu) Gayle Walters Rose is one of those persons who are full of sweetness and wisdom. She was really hesitant to try poetry but once she started writing it she started shining like a star in the sky of poetry. In one word her poetry is amazing!

Check out her blog if you don’t believe.

If you want to write a comment check out her post and comment on that [I will have to change the theme I fear, because the contact forms are not working]:

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