Arjo Dasgupta


Amateur cook, Bengali by heart, Foodie by default.

Read books a lot, Love Tagore creations, writing whatever I feel like, painting, sleeping and making new friends.

Just cannot stop myself from joking at a serious moment (my mother calls me mad for this)!

On my way to become a Computer Science Engineer.

A few words from Agnishatdal (aka her creator Sharmishtha Basu) Arjo and Hem are our junior-most writers, they both are yet to become graduates. 

Arjo is a very talented writer, at present he is writing in Bengali but in future he will be trying English, writing in Bengali is a tough job, believe me! We had so many legends that it is tough to make Bengali readers appreciate your works, that is not the case with Arjo’s writings, they are fantastic and I am damn sure that if chips and microchips don’t kidnap him he will be publishing in all major magazines in future! I am glad that he started with Agnishatdal, so, even if he earns Booker or Nobel in future he won’t forget Agnishatdal.


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