Carolyn Page

carolyn page

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

Australian born, Carolyn has always felt somewhat different. It wasn’t until her early thirties she understood why. During a rather distressing time in her life spirit made themselves known to her. Since that time she has come to know them as The Collective Consciousness. Through them she now writes primarily in her blog ‘Light Workers of the World’ having begun ‘ABC of Spirit Talk’ some 5 years past. She welcomes you to visit with her on both blogs where you will find many things of interest; particularly if you are one such as she – someone who wishes to be continually improving one’s self.

A few words from Agnishatdal (aka her creator Sharmishtha Basu)

When I first visited Carolyn’s blogs she was writing “reflections” on daily basis, and once I started reading them I became absolute fan of her wisdom, her brilliant grasp of human nature. I could see myself in so many of her reflections! Being really curious about human nature and psychology I kept reading them till the end, then she took a long hiatus and am I glad to see her back!

If you want to write a comment check out her post and comment on that [I will have to change the theme I fear, because the contact forms are not working]:
Carolyn sharing a bit about herself and her new book Tomorrow’s End:

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