Lisa Ojanpera


Here you go.

Lisa Ojanpera is a freelance writer and blogger. She is happily married with four daughters, a couple of cats and a dog. When her hands are not busy with family, she can be found crafting poetry and searching for pictures through her camera’s lens. She loves to garden and her home is surrounded with lovely blooms during the very lengthy growing season on the Gulf Coast of the US.

And I added a picture to use if you want.

A few words from Agnishatdal (aka her creator Sharmishtha Basu) Well, I have been a fan of Lisa’s amazing works since I started reading her works in but sadly, due to the attacks of trolls she had to shut that site down and at present she is going a little crazy because her little ones are at home, schools are off! So, she will hopefully share her bio after their school re-opens. Wait till then!

She is a wonderful poet, one of a kind, a musician and a terrific photographer! You will see in her works in Agnishatdal how talented she is.

She has joined her husband’s website but that project is stalled for some reason, hope Johnny will let me know when he starts it again, because as far as I know I too am a very proud part of it!

If you want to write a comment check out her post and comment on that [I will have to change the theme I fear, because the contact forms are not working]:

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