Hemdiva Dev


Hemdiva Dev

Hemdiva is a young author. She loves reading as much as writing. She writes a blog at wordpress (momsprincesspari.wordpress.com) and has also published children’s books. Her books can be found at (getBook.at/HemdivasBook)

Social links:
facebook- facebook.com/Hemdiva.Author

Twitter- @Hemdiva_Author
Amazon- viewAuthor.at/Hemdiva

Few Words from Agnishatdal ( aka her creator Sharmishtha Basu):
Hemdiva Dev is a very huge hearted little girl, I remember meeting her in a site, where she voluntarily broke the ice (which is very rare outside wordpress) and voted my works, she is a very talented writer, don’t go by her age!

She writes superb horror stories, that is what she was writing there and I was thoroughly enjoying it too, then I left the site because I really did not liked it ways and wont suggest any writer to share their works there. But she joined me here in wordpress and believe me when I say she is very, very talented!


If you want to write a comment check out her post and comment on that [I will have to change the theme I fear, because the contact forms are not working]:


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