Troy David Loy

Troy Photo on 7-11-15 at 00_34 _2

Troy David Loy is an American student and writer with a love for things Indian, creating fractal art, and science. He is owned by two cats, Mr. Eccles and Ricky, and is engaged in a program of lifelong learning in an attempt to make sense of an increasingly irrational world. He is the author of Dirge: A Short SF Story available at

He can be found online @Troythulu on Twitter and on his blog The Call of Troythulu at

A few words from Agnishatdal (aka her creator Sharmishtha Basu) Troy is a scholar who won my heart by his keen interest in Bengali, which is my soft spot, I really love this language and am glad that it is my mother tongue. He knows quite a handful of languages, creates amazing fractals and generously shares them with his friends, those fractals! I wish I could create one like them!

I love his quirky yet genuine way of writing.


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