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WordPress returned access to “Agnijashatadalama”!

believe me I am not even the least amused! But last week I accidentally clicked on the link and noticed that the site is back to life! I don’t know if it will stay alive or wordpress will snatch it back but I have scheduled some posts there, so if you see posts there don’t be alarmed, I posted them!

so ha ha and ha ha ha…


both are my blogs right now! don’t poke fun! ok?

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chuck “payhip” from my past, present, future links PLEASE!

Without bothering to send me a one line email to save my toil in advertising my books (plus their site) payhip just deleted my account out of blue. So you will see links directing to their *** site but please ignore them and if you like those books buy them through my paypal account.


Send me the payment, the list of the books you want I will send you the pdf files.

These books will be slowly republished in shoptly.com, but give me some time! you can check the site from time to time and see, I will share the links here too!



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Agnijashatadalama (fireborn lotus) the English, monthly newsletter for you!

It will start its journey on 1st day of Bengali New Year, 15th April 2018 if you want it send me a mail (sermistabasu@gmail.com) or leave your email id here, in the comments section, whichever you prefer.

It is free.

it is in English.

Very small in size (in case you are intimidated by my huge Ezines)

It will contain spoilers from the Ezines and my other books. Hope you will enjoy them!

This one will follow English Calendar.

I will keep the email ids for permanent, if you want your name off you will have to again write to me and tell me you want your name to be removed from the email list!

have a great day!

Sharmishtha Basu

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Agnishatdal 15.4.19

Shubho Nabobarsho [happy Bengali new year!]! Boisakh Issues are published today, that is on 15th April.

Agnijaat Falgun 1425, February

Agnishatdal Falgun 1425, February

8th Quarterlies of the twins were published on Saraswatipuja, 10th February.

Agnijaat Book 8, Saraswatipuja 1425

Agnishatdal Book 8, Saraswatipuja 1425

The links for rest of the books:

You can buy/get these books by becoming my patrons in patreon:


or the fresh issues from


or if these two don’t work out for you can pay me via paypal and get the pdf files directly.

You will get the fresh list of my books in my shoptly bookstore here:

When you use paypal remember one thing- SEND ME YOUR EMAIL ID AND BOOKLIST in the comment that I am almost sure paypal allows you to add with your payment, if I am wrong, even then send me your email id and booklist (with payment details) in my email : sermistabasu@gmail.com.

The books will be uploaded in shoptly and patreon every month (at the max by 25th of English calendar), you will be able to download them from both sites directly.

Authors and Artists of Agnishatdal (Agnijaat is my solo venture you all know that):

Troy David Loy

Brieuc Martin Onraet

Dominic Collucci
http:// wrotethesequotes.blogspot.com

Lisa Ojanpera

Freya Pickard

Raghunandan Kuppuswamy


Sharmishtha Basu

Bitter Pill and Citizen Null are pseudonyms! So… no blogs assigned to them Very secretive couple!

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Pat Ritter- An interview for you!

Read Pat Ritter’s Smashwords Interview

Interview with Pat Ritter

Smashword: Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
Pat Ritter:
My teenage years were in Sandgate, a seaside suburb of Brisbane the capital city of Queensland Australia. In sub-junior I attended Sandgate High School. A teacher, Mr Imoff, our English Teacher after we wrote a composition approached me and said, ‘you have a gift for writing – you write the way you speak which is unique’. Unfortunately at the time I never had any idea of what he meant.

Again later in my life when I attended college a lecturer told me exactly the same words. I didn’t truly understand what he meant. However, with this lecturer we wrote and published my first book ‘Closing The Gap’ which started my journey of becoming an author.

Smashword: When did you first start writing?
Pat Ritter:
In 1986. At the time I attended college – my lecturer, Bob O’Sullivan took notice of a project I began when I used material from his lecture in this project. I was a police officer. In the area I patrolled, a number of teenagers ‘ran away from home’ and I didn’t have the skills nor the knowledge of stopping them. Bob lectured in a subject ‘Behaviour’ which gave me these skills and knowledge and soon after I developed this knowledge to help parents improve their communication with their teenage child. This project was an instant success. Bob suggested we write and publish a book about what I was doing in the community. He wrote the theory whilst I wrote the actual case studies of each parent-child interview.

Smashword: What motivated you to become an indie author?
Pat Ritter:
Before 2009 I self-published books and sold them via my website using mailing coupons. When Mark Coker introduced me to Smashwords I immediately commenced to publish my books as ebooks and became an indie author. Since 2009 – the rest is history. I love it. All I need to do now is to write, publish, market and sell.

Smashword: How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Pat Ritter:
Greatly. Daily I check for downloads, site updates. On one of these occasions Mark wrote about an author in America earning six figures annually selling ebooks on Smashwords. I read this person’s website and immediately followed his advise.

Smashword: What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Pat Ritter:
Reading feedback from my readers. Who would think I sit here at Brooloo in Queensland at my computer and communicate with authors across the other side of the world. It’s as if we sit across from one another. I love to write – I write each day. I belong to a writers group which meet weekly.

Smashword: What do your fans mean to you?
Pat Ritter:
Greatest! There is no better feeling when I receive feedback or read a review from one of my books. A couple of years ago I wrote and published ‘The Drover’ which has been a huge success. I still pinch myself to think people from across the globe love reading this book.

Smashword: What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Pat Ritter:
Knowing I want to write. I write a novel per year and a 500 word story weekly. Research takes much of my time to ‘get things right’. I love to write.

Smashword: When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?
Pat Ritter:
Watch television. Read. Take care of my property. Travel.

Smashword: How do you discover the ebooks you read?
Pat Ritter:
Using Smashwords, Amazon, Facebook and my website http://www.patritter.com.au

Smashword: Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Pat Ritter:
Yes – in grade four. The exercise to write was about describing a scene. I wrote a letter to my grandmother to tell her what I was doing. It was read to the class to my embarrassment.

Smashword: What is your writing process?
Pat Ritter:
I write whatever comes into my mind. I’m lucky I live in the country without any interruptions or neighbours. Bush is all around me. Before I write a chapter I see and act out the scene of what I’m about to write. For instance in my latest novel I have a scene where Joe leaves the place he loves. Each step of the process goes through my mind before I write then I write the scene. I write daily.

Smashword: Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
Pat Ritter:
Yes – it was a story of an aboriginal boy who is saved by a sailor shipwrecked on a reef. Only a couple of years ago I purchased this book at a sale and re-read it. Memory flooded back of the joy I had when first reading this book.

Smashword: How do you approach cover design?
Pat Ritter:
I have a professional designer in America. Melissa does a wonderful job.

Smashword: What are your five favorite books, and why?
Pat Ritter:
These change from time to time. Once I read probably two books per year but since I’ve taken my writing seriously I am an avid reader. I can’t say I have favourite books because now I read up to possibly two to three books per week. I am amazed at some of the indie authors which in my opinion are some of the best in the world. With ebooks – if I don’t like the author, I delete them and read the next book. If the book doesn’t catch my attendion in the first few pages than I go to the next one. That’s how it is in todays environment.

Smashword: What do you read for pleasure?
Pat Ritter:
Mainly western, Australian, romance and at times crime depending on the storyline.

Smashword: What is your e-reading device of choice?
Pat Ritter:

What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
Smashwords, Amazon and Facebook.

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Welcome Pat Ritter, new author in Agnishatdal!

Hi Everyone,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Pat Ritter. Since 1988 I have been writing and publishing books. In 2009 I decided to publish my books as e-books on this and other websites.

Writing and self-publishing became expensive especially the marketing end of the business. I experienced little problems with my first book ‘Closing The Gap’ however after writing and self-publishing six other books the printing costs out-weighed the cost of production.

At this stage of my writing I am converting from writing true life stories to fictional or better known – storytelling and it’s difficult I can tell you. I’m giving it my best. Reading is a passion. When I read I try and place myself in the writer’s seat and endeavour to work out how they wrote the story. I enjoy reading interesting stories filled with passion, desire with a happy ending.

I’m happy to meet you. I’m also proud to be involved in Operation eBook Drop.

Pat Ritter
Author/Self Publisher