Troy David Loy’s fantastic new book for you (and Troy of course)!

Sharmishtha Basu @ Indie Adda: This is your second book, right? tell us a little bit about the first one and the link where we can buy it.

Troy David Loy: Thanks for hosting this interview, Sharmishtha! Yes, this is my second book. My first book is a short story about a fellow with no real name, going by just ‘the Mirus’ who discovers that his probable birth world of Earth (Terra) is going to be ‘cleared’ by a fanatical species of aliens with only the best of intentions! The aliens are incredibly compassionate and humble if a bit patronizing, but their way of showing it is lethal to nearly everyone they meet. The Mirus meets an old enemy of his as well, and this story takes place somewhat late in his career as an adventurer. There’s some introspection going on in scenes, and a sequence in the second chapter which shifts viewpoints to that of an ancient being calling itself the King of Shards. I wrote the book as a sort of first look into the Gods of Terra setting, told as a story. So while it’s an easy read if you don’t mind the salty language in some parts, it is rich on background. I’m in the process of updating the book and adding material to it. I’ve discovered by Googling the species-name of the aliens that it sounds very much like words in some Indian languages, such as Marathi. So one of the minor updates involves a name change for the aliens to something less…amusing…to Marathi-speakers. It was unavoidable, I suppose: almost any name that can be randomly generated probably has a similar sounding equivalent in at least one human language.

Dirge can be found at: https://www.amazon.com/Dirge-short-Troy-David-Loy-ebook/dp/B00XMS1ZJ2/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

Amazon.com: Dirge: a short SF story eBook: Troy David Loy: Kindle Store


Dirge: a short SF story – Kindle edition by Troy David Loy. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Dirge: a short SF story.

“The Mirus, fugitive demigod of destruction and former apocalyptic weapon of the alien Kai’Siri, must find a way to avert the death of his ancestral homeworld of Terra from an alien species bent on salvation by extinction of all life. Can he stop them from sterilizing the planet in a twisted last rites ceremony, an enemy more powerful and determined than himself?”

Sharmishtha Basu @ Indie Adda: What made you pick up the toughest genre (to me at least) science fiction? Do you read lot of science book?

Troy David Loy: I’ve been interested in science and science fiction since childhood, though my early ideas on what was science and what wasn’t were pretty muddled. I’ve read many of the classics, and got into the scientific literature during my wake-up year of 2006. The Gods of Terra universe isn’t Hard SF by any stretch, more like a mix of horror, science fantasy and space opera, though without direct roots for that last in any of the early sci-fi pulps. I’m moving into more scientifically accurate fiction with my Lyapunov’s Children setting, in a different universe when humans are just beginning to venture to the stars after conquering the solar system. It’ll require much more work, but it’s all good.

Sharmishtha Basu @ Indie Adda: Your second book—is it connected to the first one? tell us something about it and the link of buying please.

Troy David Loy: Well, my second book is partially connected, though at least one story, ‘Howl at the Stars,’ is more fantasy-oriented and set in a different universe. That’s my first werewolf story, BTW, and I got the idea for it from Clarke’s 3rd Law, rephrased as “Any sufficiently advanced knowledge is indistinguishable from magic.” I like that in some cultures, especially those in which knowledge is power, the skills of a navigator at sea or a truly skilled healer can seem like magic, because that knowledge is beyond the understanding of the uninitiated, arcane arts in the truest sense. I also included some pieces about the alien Broogh, a powerful, warlike race, but also refugees fleeing something even more dangerous than they. One thing on the title: that was inspired by the writings of Carl Sagan, specifically his and Ann Druyan’s book ’Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors.’ I liked the cadence of it. One thing about a lot of my stories: they are designed more like a myth-cycle, a mythology, than happening within any sort of consistent historical metaplot. This means that they won’t always mesh perfectly, and can be read in isolation for that reason. None of it is gospel Truth.

Echoes of Forsaken Galaxies may be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Echoes-Forsaken-Galaxies-Collected-Fiction-ebook/dp/B01ND0R1VC/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

“This anthology contains short speculative fiction by the author published elsewhere online set in a variety of universes and diverse genres and styles”

Sharmishtha Basu @ Indie Adda: any book in future? Another sci-fi?

Troy David Loy: Well, I’m currently alternating time on work between three books: two short stories planned out at 5000-8000 words each, and a sort of setting guide to the Gods of Terra universe that has been on hold for more than ten years. I’m amazed that I still have the file for the manuscript! I expect the two short stories to be out by April, as I’m making good progress on them.

Sharmishtha Basu @ Indie Adda: Will you try other genres in future? What is the next one in list?

Troy David Loy: I’d like to do more fantasy, as I’ve ideas for stories just jotted down that cry to be written fully. As I’ve mentioned, I’m playing with Hard SF in Lyapunov’s Children, and of course, more horror as well. I don’t like graphic, gory horror though, but the sort that frightens more by what it implies or suggests than directly describes.

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A little gift for you- Kartik (October) Agnishatdal’s pdf file.

The whole kartik, October agnishatdal for you, you can download it and make me happy. If you like it and feel like encouraging the author feel free to buy the new quarterly in amazon, or the old one… 😉

If you have any problem with the book in amazon do write to me, I will send you the mobi file.


agnijaat book 2

agnishatdal book 2


Carolyn Page for You!

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Tell us something about yourself!
Carolyn Page: I am an Australian who, these days, is thoroughly enjoying her life. I have two blogs: ABC of Spirit Talk, where I love to post reflections of the animals of the world, plus other topics as I am inspired. And Light Workers of the World: A blog open to all; though aimed, primarily, to those who are Light Workers, or those who are seeking more information regarding the role of Light Workers.

As a medium for The Collective Consciousness (The C.C.) my role is to awaken the Light Workers of the World to their purpose, which is to build a world based upon Love and Perfection; perfection being the ability to circumvent the negative core of our beings leading, ultimately, to Love and Perfection of self. Perfection being total calm, peace, and the ability of command over our otherwise harmful thinking.

Should you care to contact me the easiest way is via the contact page of either
ABC of Spirit Talk.net – https://abcofspiritalk.net/
Light Workers of the World.net – https://lightworkersoftheworld.net/

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Life has not been very nice to you. How did you transform that poison into nectar?
Carolyn Page: We all experience ups and downs; this is something we have agreed to before embarking on the Earth Fantasy. Certainly I was no exception, having had many obstacles throughout my lifetime. However, even though I have faltered many times, I have refused to give in to hard times, preferring instead to overcome the difficulties as they came before me. The so-called adversities have proven me; they have solidified in me a determination to achieve the best outcome, in all conditions.

I have had the added benefit of being able to converse with spirit for the past 27 years, and be advised by them along the way. This union has sustained me; i.e., I have known that I am never alone; that I am in the company of those who care for and love me.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Tell us about your reflections; they are amazing! What is the source of that amazing grasp on human nature? Were you a student of psychology?
Carolyn Page: I have a love for animals; in fact, nature, in all its wonder commands great reverence within me. I have also a love of words, and the value of placing words in such a way that an understanding becomes available, that otherwise may not. Being a student of life, and the varying ways life presents itself, I have found a great accord with the way in which words offer salutation and profundity. The gentle act of combining an animal, and its rightful personality in the form of a written reflection, was first given to me during the 1990’s by my connection with my inner life, or consciousness. This is the mainstay of my life; the source of the written word; the animal reflections; in fact, all that I do.

Sharmishtha basu@ Agnishatdal: A little about Light Workers? Who are they and what do they want to accomplish in life? How did you connect with them? Can others connect with you guys? How?
Carolyn Page: The goal of the Light Worker is to bring the Light of Love and Perfection to bear upon the Fantasy of Earth. You will know if you are a Light Worker; for, Light Workers find negativity an energy they wish not to engage within.

The Light Worker ‘feels’ negativity more strongly than others. S/he can find it difficult to remain calm when, for instance, watching the news, with its negative vibe being an all invasive energy that can cause some Light Workers to shun such activity because of the ill effects the negativity can cause them. This may make them feel inadequate and vulnerable. Yet, when the truth is known, they will realise their sensitivity can become their greatest asset, as they learn to override this aspect of themselves with the truth of their purpose.

In general; though, not always, the Light Worker will find themselves somewhat different from others. Their attitude may range from seeking solitude, so as not to have to endure what they rightly perceive as negativity; to feeling alone when in company.

All in all, the Light Worker will not ‘fit’ until such time as in the company of other light souls who wish only for the good to prevail in all things. S/he will generally be an idealist, a dreamer, a good hearted soul. Once matured, the Light Worker’s inner strengths of forthrightness, generosity of spirit and a willingness to invest themselves for the higher good of all, will manufacture solidity within, which will manifest itself in the form of a strength of character noticeable to all.

The C.C. have advised that in the future there will be many hundreds of channels for the Light Worker to find their ‘fit’. Many forums will be produced over the coming years to accommodate the influx of Light Workers as they come to appreciate their purpose and need of like company.

If, in the meantime, I can be of service I offer my services to all. I know who I am, and am awaiting the first wave of Light Workers to find me.

Many now are awakening. Many now are in contact with me. Many now are evidencing change; change in the form of a better mental view, comradery and a joyfulness not known before.

It has also been made known to me that a few others are experiencing, as I am experiencing, backwards aging. Yes, this is one of the rewards Light Workers will experience. The evidence will become noticeable as the Light Worker progresses with the truth of their purpose. When the human fear no longer holds, the truth becomes visible, not only to ourselves, but to all who are unconsciously affected by our true state of perfection; an absence of fear.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Will you tell us a little about your published works, individually and share their links (from where we can buy them) and their cover pictures.
Carolyn Page: Firstly; our Free Books, of which there are three, are available on our website and share, with our readers, our beginnings as consciousnesses, our middle and our end; or future:
Our Free Books, Dear Hearts

‘Tomorrow’s End’, the first of our printed publications, is available on-line through bookstores such as Amazon.com.

The following is a small excerpt from a review by Sharmishtha Basu.
“It is a spiritual journey, in short. A journey towards a better tomorrow, to a world shared by conscious people, people who know this world well and want to make a better world from this world. A world where people will be wiser, more enlightened and compassionate.”

‘Changes’, the second printed publication is also available on-line through bookstores such as Amazon.com.

Once again, Sharmishtha (Trisha) honoured me with a heartfelt review. The following is a small glimpse:
“In the end, I will give ten out of five to these two books. These books are meant for sane and spirituals, those who are still clinging to the hope (I am too) that somehow we will be able to change the mindset of the majority of people and change this world into a beautiful world.”

The following is an excerpt from ‘Changes’.
Changes Are a-Comin’
Yes indeed, Dear Friends, changes are a-comin’. And what is meant by this?
What is meant, Dear Hearts, is precisely as it reads. Oh yes, Dear Hearts; know that changes are a-comin’ for all Light Workers.

There will be abundances of changes; not only for the Earth Fantasy, but also within the minds of, especially, Light Workers. And why do we say this, Dear Ones?

We say this because it is true. It is now time for enormous changes to rapidly occur. And why is this so, Dear Hearts?

It is so because this is as we’ve planned it. Yes; you and all you see, Dear Hearts, have agreed that change is to take place as of now.

Do you not see the changes occurring, Dear Ones? Do you not see the protestations occurring in all lands, all countries?

Indeed, Dear Hearts; read on for an overview of the changes to come. Read on, Dear Hearts, to discover your role in the changes to come. Read on, Dear Friends, to discover how you can circumnavigate the regions of the mind (the brain) that hold you fast.

Indeed, Dear Hearts, it is our pleasure, and our role, to assist you on your journey through your personal changes, indeed.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Well I already know that your next book is coming up, the third of the trilogy. Tell us a little about it and when it will come up in stalls?
Carolyn Page: ‘Bringing of Light’ the third in our series (available early 2017) continues to add knowledge of the truth of our existence and further explains how we can bring Love and Perfection to our lives. The following is a foretaste into its contents.

‘There are amongst those currently within the Earth Fantasy who are eliminating negativity by experiencing negativity. These are those who, over the next few centuries, will gain 100% effective relief from our core nature; i.e., negativity. Many can be seen upon your TV screens, heard upon your radios, and voiced upon the multiple technical devices available. Were you to allow yourselves to become a part of the negativity, you will be doing yourself an injustice, Dear Hearts.

We ask that you be aware of such activity, yet be unaffected. Yes, Dear Ones; this is our suggestion:

Remain aware and responsible; however, do not allow yourself to be directly involved, nor allow the brain to overwhelm. This is the beginning of your downfall, Dear One; downfall into the pit of negativity.

Know that you, Dear Heart, are here to bring Love and Perfection to the Earth Fantasy. You cannot do this were you to be allowing yourself to enter into the vibrations of hate, resentment, anger and distrust.

Trust that you are not to be involved, Dear Heart, and trust that you will, with effort, see your way clear of angst.’

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Any suggestion for Agnishatdal?
Carolyn Page: My only comment, Trisha, would be:
“Continue to forge ahead. Anything worthwhile demands effort on our part; effort, and a constancy of thought encompassing determination, grit, and in the case of Agnishatdal, a consistency of valuable content. These things, I know, you have in abundance.”

Sharmishtha Basu@Indie Adda: Do you have anything to say/suggest to Indie Authors?
Carolyn Page: Writing from the heart allows us to honour ourselves and our readers. This, above all else, brings us the greatest benefit; that of being true to ourselves.
Thank You once again, Trisha, for affording me your time and effort. I am extremely grateful and remain honoured to be a part of Indie Adda.
Many blessings to you.
Carolyn Page

The interview with pix:


Kartik, October Agnijaat’s pdf file for you!

The kartik, October issue of Agnijaat (full ezine) for you, feel free to download it. If you want to buy its quarterly its in amazon. So is the first quarterly. If you have any difficulty with opening/using the quarterly write to me I will send you the mobi file.

Kartik/October agnijaat:

agnijaat book 2

agnishatdal book 2

Agnishatdal 20.2.17


The Falgun, February Issue of Agnijaat and Agnishatdal were published on 13th February, 1st Falgun. They are available as pdf files in my computer, write to me if you want to read them and critique them.

The authors of Falgun Agnishatdal (the lotus of fire), Ferbaruy Issue are [(I know you guys already know that Agnijaat-fireborn, is a solo venture, I write all works (English) and Tony Williams edits them for the quarterlies)]:

The authors of Falgun Agnishatdal, 13th February Issue:

1. Carolyn Page.
2. Dominic Collucci
3. Swati Sarangi
4. Sakhi Bansal
5. Troy David Loy
6. Aayush Maurya
7. Harshita Jain
8. Toni Williams
9. Raghunandan Kuppuswamy
10. Freya Pickard
11. Sharmishtha Basu

As you guys already know that the Magh agnishatdal (lotus of fire) and agnijaat (fireborn) were published on 15.1.17, if you want to read them write to me in agnijaat@hotmail.com and sermistabasu@gmail.com but do give me a critique. Please! Help the struggling Ezine, that is trying to get a foot-hold in this crazy, crazy world!
You can simply leave it as a comment here:
and email them to me in my addresses, or make me happier by posting them into your blog, if you do, please do another favour- tag them too, that is if the critique is of Agnishatdal then add its name in the tags, if it is of Agnijaat do the same favour. A little help in spreading their name will be more than welcome!

You will find the bios of authors of agnishatdal in/under this main page:

If you want to buy the quarterlies you will get them here :