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Agnishatdal 5.3.18

Agnijaat And Agnishatdal Chaitra issue will be published on 15th March.
Agnijaat and Agnishatdal Book 5 published on Saraswatipuja 22.1.18.

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Agnijaat and Agnishatdal Falgun issues were published on 14th February.
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Brieuc Martin Onraet

Dominic Collucci


Raghunandan Kuppuswamy

Sharmishtha Basu

Troy David Loy

Juliette Roques

Bitter Pill and Citizen Null are pseudonyms! So… no blogs assigned to them Very secretive couple!

With these you will read two works of Freya Pickard @ https://purehaiku.wordpress.com

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Agnijaat Book 1 (1423)

Agnishatdal Book 1 (1423)

Book 2

agnijaat book 2

agnishatdal book 2

Book 3:

The ponchishe Boisakh issues of Agnishatdal and Agnijaat:
Book 3 Agnishatdal:
Book 3 Agnijaat:

Book 4:

The Sharadiya Issues of Agnishatdal and Agnijaat:
Book 4 Agnishatdal:
Book 4 Agnijaat:

ANNUAL DIGESTS (17.7.2017):

Agnijaat Annual Digest 2017: Sfulingo 1

Agnishatdal Annual Digest 2017: Agnidal 1

Saturday Korcha 3.3.18 K.K. aka Krishna Kumar Kunnath

K.K. aka Krishna Kumar Kunnath
23rd August 1968, Delhi.

This is another singer I like quite a bit, he was born of Malyali parents (Kerala) and brought up in Delhi. Some of his songs I have admired are- tadap tadap ke, dus bahane, tu hee meri shab hai, khuda jaane.

NOTE: There is not much to say about it, I think in this series I will just open their pages in internet, pick up the things that I have loved about them and share them with you. At the end mention the site which gave me the information.

In this case it is of course good old Wikipedia.

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Few talks about some favorite stars, irrespective of their field of music, art.
They are collected from various sites or are just my view of them. You will know
the difference when you read the post, most are from wikipedia.

These are from the fun section of the Ezines.

I dont know, being me I may have missed mentioning it, do remember one thing,
as you read these works, some of these are my personal views and whatever data,
you see in these are collected from various sites of internet, mostly
wikipedia, famouspeople.net and quite often from the sites of the artists

You know I dont know everything right? I am just a student who is sharing her
notes with you!


It’s not my photograph LinkedIn!

Now my friends know that the photograph being displayed by my link in linkedin is not me, but will others know? To add up sometimes when you click the link my photograph does not shows in the linkedin link! Only the details! I really wish that a professional site like linkedin will show the person whose link it is showing!

my linkedin id is this:

and that photograph IS SIMPLY NOT MINE!