Ngobesing Romanus

Ngobesing Romanus

NGOBESING Romanus is the CEO of Radio Evangelium Bamenda, Cameroon. He is a long-serving broadcaster who retired from the State-owned Cameroon Radio Television in October 2011 to pick up his present job in January 2012.

Ngobesing has been an inspirational broadcaster for over thirty five years. He has also written many books including The Teacher, Making a Lasting Impact through the Teaching Profession; The Wonders of Wisdom; and a novel A Loving Woman in Tears.

Since August 2014, he has been running a WordPress blog Success Inpirers’ World which focuses on inspiring, motivating, coaching and encouraging his readers to bring out the best in them and achieve their fondest dreams in life.

In his diverse works, Ngobesing Romanus has touched and transformed the lives of millions of people around the world.

A few words from Agnishatdal or her creator Sharmishtha Basu:
Ngobesing Romanus is doing something noble through his blog, I will ask him and share its url with you if he allows, he is trying to mentor young people to shine in life, in personal and material. I think everyone should check out his blog and applaud his noble initiative.

Ngobesing Romanus’s wordpress blog (He was going through some problems, his blog he said has been hijacked and he has not yet told me if it is back to his control… so…. tread with caution )

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