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Tuesday Star Swati Sarangi 7.11.17 the jug of my life….

The Jug of my life

The biggest blessing that the life has offered me is my twin sister. Our evolution has been a very mutual one since the very early stage of embryo! I befriended someone even before appearing in the world! True, the first 12 minutes of my life handed the responsibilities of an elder sister over my shoulder. That’s how my life has gifted me the best friend of my life in form of my sister.

We completed our education of under graduation from same schools and college. I always feel so fortunate to be able to experience the bliss of these combinations of relationship- friendship and sisterhood. I’m always made to realize the essence of this biggest gift by my fellow friends and teachers who have always appreciated the existing bonding between us. Sweta was the one with whom I spent most of my time with during my school and college days.

Life has always presented enough opportunities for us to be together. The detour of my life arrived when I appeared in entrance exams for getting into an undergraduate course. Coincidentally, we got into the same college of Engineering but in respective branches of our choice. Our joy knew no bounds when we saw our names in the allotment list of same room number in the wall of Girl’s hostel. That was the happiest moment of my life as far as I can very well recall. Hostel days brought us even closer as roommates. I could witness the evolving state of our friendship from a very close angle. Even though we were roommates for 4 years, yet we never ran short of topics to discuss. I thoroughly enjoyed each part of her company. Sharing with her the moments of joy and disappointment was always something divine.

The Shah Rukh Khan’s way of playing the role of Jug of Alia’s life is no different from the role of my twin sister in my life. My twin sister, Sweta enunciates the qualities of a true friend. Enlisting some of her qualities below that reflects the quality of a true friend-

Helpful: She is the-girl-next door who’s always ready to help others and in return expects nothing.
Loyal: She is someone who can be very well trusted upon. She always lends an ear for the worries and
Selfless: She has a selfless demeanour. She does not keep any kind feeling of jealousy for others.
Counsel: She’s a good counsel. She offers wise advises during the time of need.
Motivator: She is a brilliant motivator. Taking doses of motivation from her is like building your own life.

Sweta is someone with whom I can share everything. There’s no barrier between our thoughts. We almost share similar interests. Now, we are no longer together. When geographical distance acts as a barrier between us, the law of telepathy works wonder. I realized it very soon. There have been times when I’ve missed her and the next moment I get a call from her surprisingly. Thanks to the way of upbringing of my parents that has never let even the slightest feeling of jealousy to crop up between us in any circumstance. She is someone whom I can torture with my silly chattering and she bears the patience of hearing them. She is someone over the shoulder of whom I can keep my head to de-stress myself. She acts like a motivator and guide. I feel that she is the one who understands me the most.

At the end all I can say is that I want this friendship to become concrete reinforced with the experiences of life. May this friendship last long. *Touch Wood*. May you have all success and happiness in days to come, my dear friend and thanks for being an eternal part of my life.

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Swati Sarangi is currently pursuing Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering. She has always been so inclined towards reading and writing since childhood days. She has contributed her works to school and college magazines, different websites like learning and, bonobology. She actively participates in various literary competitions and has won many prizes at school ,college and national level. She writes in her blogs along with her sister Sweta – and .Her poems have got place in Addiqtd Book of poetry by LJLF, Anthology of poems like Shades of life-2 ,The Stage, The seasons and various emagazines like Agnishatdal and Writer’s Ezine. Her favourite form of writing is poetry.