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Saturday Korcha salutes Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan Bangash!

People say sons of legends can never come out of the shadows of their successful parents, Amjad Ali Khan must be immensely proud of his sons! I would have been!

Since my childhood I have been his fan, I have always loved his magical music, so since I came to know that his sons also play sarod I have been thinking “When I will next go online I will try their music on youtube” and I think this has been going on for more than a year!

Then by some miracle I remembered! yay! I listened to them both!

Believe me they are awesome! Simply awesome, they have very magical grip on the instrument just like their father. I am sorry I have forgotten which of the brothers it was but I heard three or four clips by them, one of which was 59 minutes long and those 59 minutes just flew by!

I hope and pray with loving guidance of their father these two will take wings and touch the pedestal they are made for- of two more legends of sarod, we are in desperate need of some great artists!

Will be listening to more of their music, join me you wont regret if you love instrumental music like I do!

Happy listening!