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Agnishatdal Magh 1427, January 2021 critique by Labanya

Agnishatdal Magh 1427 January 2021
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Critique by Labanya

Agnishatdal Magh 1427, January 2021

Hi friends, let us begin with a happy new year! Wish you all a very blessed new year 2021!

Magh issue begins with a colourful greeting followed by a tribute to Ramkrishna, grew up reading a lot about him, but it is always good to read a bit more!

Love by Scott Hastie- What a poem!

Of drum-rolls and Indians 2 by saptarchi: Harsh, sincere truths wish I could disagree or contradict but they are truth.

Fogline by Brieuc Martin Onraet 8: Another hilarious take on human physiology. How funny we may look to someone who is not at all familiar with human beings!

A secret revealed by Raghunandan Kuppuswamy: another piece sharing the love the son had for their father.

Planet fall by Troy David Loy: Great story of some of the characters of the author meeting for the first time.

Flight is light… by Dom Collucci: priceless beauty of a poem by a truly gifted, wise poet.

Bitter Pill dose 39 by Bitter Pill: Press: Great take on Indian mainstream press.

Lose the load 1 by Brendan: Great introspection on human society.

The Tilbaroo station by Pat Ritters 5: Another cute installment of the life of newlyweds.


Beautiful greeting Sharmishtha!

5 cute shots- these too are from Agni’s December photography loved them all.

This month Linkedin Requests shares few more requests worth checking out [by authors].

The shearer by Pat Ritter: Read quite a bit of the story and it certainly will be a good one.

Pikatron by Troy David Loy sounds like a great reading material with fractals as added beauty!

SBs’ book in amazon, The prisoner of sand castle- sounds like an interesting read.

Star of the Month Ustad Shaukat Ali Khan- Never heard his name, will check out her videos in YouTube.

Star of West Emily Blunt: Have watched Devil wears Prada, can’t say I loved the character but she is a good actress for sure, will have to watch a few more before drawing a conclusion.

Star of east Nutan- She was a priceless gem. So beautiful, sweet and elegant! I absolutely adore this actress. She has starred in so many powerful roles!

Youtubia-Randy Rainbow- Will have to check!

Minutes Together: the gift from Agnimalya, patreon- human nature well captured!

Loved the Bengali poem and the hindi poem both. Thank you for adding my work poush sankranti in your ezine Agni.

Tripur- Bitter lesson for those who follow anyone blindly, even the wisest looking teacher can misguide you!

TnW- Indeed, there are those days when magic happens again and again!

Scaredy Stick- Good question!

The sketches all through the ezine were pretty, very colourful and lovely.

That is it I guess! See you again next month, and thank you Agni/Sharmishtha for translating my works!

Yours sincerely,