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Paypal account is finally active!

2017 has been quite about right changes for me! Courtesy goes to a colleague of bro, who is now sort of my little brother I got my Aadhar card, which in turn opened the door for PAN card, and finally though I had to close my account in SBI with much regret (because they need Aadhar Card address as residential proof, which I cant supply them, I certainly wont change my Aadhar card address to a rented residence, I am not insane)! Anyways, courtesy Aadhar I could open account in a private bank and that solved my bank account problem for good I hope! Honestly!

So, in gist my paypal account is up, you can use it to buy my books (that will be showcased in before 2017 is over in : or my Ezines Agnishatdal and Agnijaat, which if you want can still buy via my patreon id!

Patreon id:

Paypal id:

C ya there!