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Meet Bitter Pill- the new kid in Agnishatdal! Sorry for the late intro!

Meet the new author of Agnishatdal, s/he is writing for two months now, his/her works are really powerful or strong I will say! Its hard to tell after two posts, here is the author’s self introduction for you:

Who, and What, is the Bitter Pill?

I’m the Bitter Pill, an ordinary scrivener who’s dealt with all kinds of crap from the worst people and finally found a voice to speak out. I’m a remedy for an ever-increasing tide of social BS from silly people who manipulate and exploit others for power.

I welcome any viable challenge offered to what I write, to any facts-based valid argument showing I’m biased or just plain wrong. No other comers will even get to step into the ring. No, so-called “alternative facts” will not even be entertained, not worth my time. Failing valid, accurate critique, readers can take these missives as yr. humble svt’s personal experiences, observations, and conclusions.
I’m a great admirer of those figures like Socrates and Chanakya with the courage to call things as they are, who spoke truth to power at great risk of personal danger.

Suicidal? Possibly, but the pursuit of truth has always been dangerous to those given to abuse their ill-gotten power!