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Saturday Korcha 7.4.18 Ayan Ali Khan

Born 5th September 1979

Ayaan Ali Khan is the second son of Sarod Maestro Amjad Ali Khan and Subhalaxmi Barua Khan, a classical dancer.
His family claims to be the one who created the instrument they play- Sarod. He is fifth generation of that family of accomplished musicians. He has quite a set of albums and awards in his name. He and his brother mostly play as a team and quite often with their father Amjad Ali Khan. I know any music lover will agree with me that to know a musician we don’t need to know his family details, the awards he has won but we will rather prefer to hear him play, sing! That is what I did, though I will sheepishly admit that I botched up the brothers, because their names are so similar! To add up both play Sarod, so forgive me! But they both play fantastically well! Try their pieces in Youtube and you will see!

As for me I don’t know if I will be able to put them apart that is which one is which till I start listening to more and more of their music which I absolutely plan to! When I do I will rewrite about them!
You will know a lot more about him in Wikipedia.