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Agnijaat Book 12 25she Boisakh 2020 critique by Labanya

Agnijaat Book 12 25she Boisakh 2020
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Critique by Labanya

Agnijaat Book 12, Ponchishe Boisakh 2020, My Pen

Agnijaat book 12 shared a set of personal essays by Sharmishtha Basu.

Arrogance is suicidal: is about arrogance you can guess, as per authoress arrogant people are actually pitiable. Don’t fully disagree.

Vanity is worse: vanity truly is toxic, people without any quality actually believing that they are better than others! Oh boy!

Mother earth’s verdict: Well authoress thinks mother nature too hate politicians!

Pseudo scholars: They are all over the world these days, open any social media platform or media too you will see these people throwing their personal views in the garb of knowledge at others. It is almost impossible to distinguish truth from crafty lies these days!

True Tragedy: A heart-breaking story about fatal suffering of children in the country after 73 years of independence, a tragedy that might have been averted had the government cared for its people.

Sleaze: Indian politicians are downright repulsive. After the covid19 pandemic they are proving it more clearly every single day!

Bad sales pitches: This one was bit funny!

Embrace your age: I agree, every age has its advantages, disadvantages and beauty. Accept them and enjoy them as much as you can!

Everything in time: Life most probably is like that!

Preferences change: Is personal view of the authoress about her own life. Our preferences do change with age.

Bhaiphonta: Is about the favorite festival of many Bengalis, especially those who have a close bond with sibling(s).

Unexpected: Something we all should do, keep something aside for rainy days!

With these there was a set of lovely photographs, they were really beautiful. Loved the book!