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These are Poems that could heal you and shine,
like a glowing lantern along the sky line
Listen to the numbness with which they speak
you will definitely resonate after a while

Pragati Chaudhary for you!

Sharmishtha Basu: What are you apart from being a poet Pragati?
Pragati Chaudhary:
I am an MBA in Finance, Currently working in the Finance Department of an Association.

Sharmishtha Basu: Is it your first published book? How does it feels?
Pragati Chaudhary:
Yes, it is my first self published book and it feels really great and exhilarating to be a part of this journey.

Sharmishtha Basu: Any big hurdle in the path of publishing?

Pragati Chaudhary: No big hurdle in Self publishing, everything is just a step by step process and I think it goes better with every step as you get close towards the book going Live. Editing I can say is bit of a procedure. Its time consuming and even one slight mistake could lead the book margin skip the borders.

Sharmishtha Basu: Why poetry? spill out your heart!  most people try stories! You know poets get less buyers for their books, right?

Pragati Chaudhary: Yes, I understand that Poets are not easily recognizable but, I choose Poetry because it comes naturally to me. I don’t have to struggle to write a Poem. I just grab one line and rest of the words comes to me tumbling down in the shape of a Poem. So, I enjoy Poetry. It matters a lot when People who aren’t even reader’s read your Poems and applaud.

Yes, I think it is difficult to grab the audience but Struggles are everywhere so I just want to keep going and I personally believe that Hope never hurts itself.

Sharmishtha Basu: Share the story of your journey of publishing a bit, from the scratch if  you have a little time to share, how the idea came, how you materialized, did you get anyone else’s help or hired an editor, illustrator.. how did your team worked if  you did?

Pragati Chaudhary: To began with, I wrote my first poem for My Father; after his death and that poem came out naturally, what I felt, what I believed, how he was as a person, the aura that he had. He was an avid reader. Since that day, I started writing. I really don’t know how, that shape started forming thereafter. I believe that your thoughts and beliefs, affirmations, nostalgia, the Love you get, the one you lose, a personalized Opinion about any specific thing forms into words; be it a Poem or an anecdote or a story it’s just instinctive.

No I don’t have any person behind me to guide. No editor, No illustrator No team. I work independently and whatever I am doing; It’s just the support of my family and close mates.

Sharmishtha Basu: It is too early to ask but is there another book in horizon? Poetry, story or non-fiction?

Pragati Chaudhary: Yes, another book would definitely be there
A Poetry book but, it would take time as I am not a full time Poet/Author. It’s just that I love writing and Penning down what I firmly believe.

Sharmishtha Basu: Any suggestions for other authors or wannabe authors?

Pragati Chaudhary: Be what you actually are and what you feel specifically when you write. Reality in writing comes through personal justifications provided you are giving that to yourself first.
Best wishes for those who want to step up in this journey of writing.


Author Desk Wednesdays 13.9.17 Chirajeet Paul

A fairly accomplished professional in his own right Chirajit believes he has a lot to vent outside the business and technology jargons which has become his survival kit for years.

Chirajit lives in Kolkata with his journalist wife and student daughter, works for in a global consulting firm for his ‘bread and butter’, and frantically scribbles words on paper for what he calls his ‘kebab and biriyani’ – which gets him his social, psychological and spiritual satisfaction.

Chirajit has authored two novels and the third is expected by the end of 2017. A closer look at the subjects of his books will reveal that he doesn’t want to be labelled into any single genre.

• ‘The Obituary of Salim Nabi’ presents a view of the politics around terrorism and secularism in contemporary India through the eyes of a young Muslim protagonist.

• In ‘The Fragrance of Rose’ Chirajit has dealt with the contentious issue of sexual harassment by weaving a gripping story around it.

• Chirajit’s third novel is a dark comedy around philosophical questions involving vulnerability of life, karma and welfare of mankind.

Chirajit has strong views about the world around him which he presents with a lot of wit. His research and empathy for the subjects he writes about shows in the involved narratives.

About the Book:

Rinita Bose is an ordinary middle class girl with extraordinary beauty and unmatched aspirations. While chasing her dreams, she comes face to face with harsh realities. That’s how she learns the valuable lesson – what most men really want. In a twist of fate, she picks up enmity with a powerful man and flees the city. She switches careers and hides her identity behind the garb of Rose to make a place in Bollywood. She earns money, fame, adulation and success. But love eludes her. She witnesses the darkness of life in a drunkard father, a lecherous boss, a scheming producer and a friend who wants to take advantage. But then there are those that she can rely on in the worst of situations, her friends from childhood who stand by her through thick and thin. Those who don’t judge her; just love her unconditionally. Will Rinita be able to find the love she craves for? Or will she be mercilessly crushed for The Fragrance of Rose

Chirajit’s coordinates:

Facebook: @AuthorChirajitPaul
Twitter: @chirajit_paul
WhatsApp: +91 9051 122 234

Author desk Wednesdays 6.9.17 Karen Cole’s Rainbow Horizons


Karen talks about her book:

This 1980s’ satirical tale of the able-disabled Pacific Northwest features friendship favorably. It stars 3 Mexican Americans, one Black middle-class heroine, one Jewish Holocaust and two Vietnam War white survivors. It also hugs a conflicted gay male character. But it’s about a love triangle of 22s to 45s – with a roaring drunk Montanan! Racism is lampooned, sexism is promoted…viva endlessly.

It’s a rare, uniquely multicultural (white inclusive) and fetchingly gay humor novel by an experienced, published ghostwriter with 35 years in freelance writing, editing, marketing, publishing and serving others through working in-home for the Disabled. Also via Ghost Writer, Inc.: affordable book, screenplay, script, lyrics, copy, website and music ghostwriting. I’m mainly oriented towards commercial success, being a lifelong book ghostwriter and author. But I really want more distribution of the inmost concepts than I’m looking for accumulated sales of the book.

The story? Well, it’s a humorous ramble, kind of a smile a minute, that I’m still working on. I wanted to make sure there is a copy stored somewhere on the Internet, so you folks could review it. I also think this my universe is now evidently run by machines, not live personages. But the book is about dozens of People of Color, gay and transvestite and also white folks who congregate as extremely close friends, enemies and hot-minded lovers. They all live in the little town of Rama, WA — as in State of Washington, not the District of Columbia.

I have stayed in the Seattle area for decades, deciding to write a book about how everyone here technically lives within “the boonies” of Washington State, among plenty of giant, sprawling evergreen forests around here. Even in the City of Seattle, on the outskirts of the city proper. Beautiful deep woods you can barely view out your car windows, veering off into the far distance of a fading green light’s blacker depths. The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep…so far away you can only imagine touching them, or see the low-hanging silver clouds as mountains in your wildest dreams.

My book is strictly fiction, a lifetime of compiled stories about imaginary people, based on real life folks I hobnobbed with, while delicately generating its material. Everything is pretty much duly tongue in cheek, without pointing the fickle index finger at your face. It salutes and taunts those who are pretentious enough to use names instead of labels, who wrote many books before me as clams who never could get that the audience does indeed have a sense of humor, whatever their “ritual politics” are (or might not be).

As I sketched out the lengthy contents of this book, which after much experience will be markedly different upon a major rewrite, I found myself dreaming a dream. It involves somehow selling the book for cheap, spreading it around through word of mouth, and many lonesome readers getting a major kick out of my book’s non-racist, atypical stereo-funny contents. In Mexico, the United States, Canada and many other such places. I’m a feminist, I’ll admit it, and also a sexist who rides the line. Read this book if you like such a blend!

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Author Desk Wednesdays 30.8.17 A ranch bordering salty river by Stephen Page

You rarely come across a poetry book like this. I was never a big fan of poetry, other than Tagore’s works I have rarely read books of poetry, yes I have read one poem by this poet, another poem by that poet and written quite a few down too, when they moved me, but I always felt that poems cant stir us like stories do. Well, even now, I read poems by dozens when I am online, reading blogs, and after I started blogging I have read hundreds of poems but they are like butterflies, they fly in view, enchant you, thrill you and then you forget them. Very few authors leave a mark in your mind, Stephen is one of them!

In my blogging sphere there are few such poets, Charles W. Martin ( is one of them- his or Stephen’s poems tell stories, stories that enter your mind, makes it think and then stays, if not all of them then quite a few.

Stephen knows how to create scene, vivid, lucid scenes in your mind’s eyes, and then tell you a story, sometimes simple and sometimes deeper! He has interwoven human nature intricately with day to day life of a ranch. His poetry reminded me of Louis L’ Amour, I read dozens of his books in my early twenties, and he is a great storyteller, he painted a picture of wild west clear and vivid to me- who really did not had much idea about USA, still does not! But I could see it through his eyes, and same thing happened when I read and finished Stephen’s book. I can still see some of the scenes.

If you love powerful poetry, this is the book for you! It is the story of a man (Jonathan), his wife (Teresa) and their dog living in a ranch, the daily life, the family life, the tribulations and turbulences. An accidental husband caught up with kids and grandkids of his wife! Now his family!

The poems are full of Mexican (?) words, phrases but they for a change don’t hamper the spirit of the book, in fact they add more authenticity to it. It is a book to be read again and again without getting tired of it! There is something very special about it, you will have to read it to feel it! Hope more and more books like this spill out of Stephen’s pen (ahem keyboard) and they bring him the praises, recognition he deserves!

you can buy the book from here:

Author Desk Wednesdays 23.8.17 is for Stephen Page

A Ranch Bordering the Salty River Book Synthesis
For more information visit

The book is the story (in verse and poetic prose) of Jonathan, a rancher who learns how to run a ranch in an environmentally conscious manner. He also learns how treat the animals humanely, and the employees justly. He ensures that a generous portion of land is kept feral as a wildlife refuge and a haven for local flora. As the years pass, he is daily battling cattle rustlers, horse thieves, contact hustlers, and to keep his family’s ranch eco-friendly. The drama unfolds until . . .

The book will mostly speak for itself as you read the intro, epigrams, and poems. Basically it is the story of a rancher who loves his wife and nature, and has learned to ranch the ecological way, with the cows, humans, and woods-birds-flowers-nature coexisting. He has problems first with the employees, who are cattle rustlers, horse thieves, liars, and malingerers. As he learns to deal with these problems and complete his dream of having a one-with-all ranch for him and his wife and the world, he is blind-sided by the state-bullying-economical pressure to change his eco-ranch into a pesticide-poisoning soy bean farm. He wants to return to the eco-ranch-woods, but . . .

Stephen Page is from Detroit, Michigan. He is the author of The Timbre of Sand, Still Dandelions, and A Ranch Bordering the Salty River. He holds a BA from Columbia University and an MFA from Bennington College. His critical essays have appeared regularly in the Buenos Aires Herald, Gently Read Literature, and Fox Chase Review. He is the recipient of The Jess Cloud Memorial Prize, a Writer-in-Residence from the Montana Artists Refuge, a Full Fellowship from the Vermont Studio Center, an Imagination Grant from Cleveland State University, and an Arvon Foundation Ltd. Grant. He currently lives in Argentina where he teaches World literature.

Kev’s Author Interviews Presents: Stephen Page Author of A Ranch Bordering the Salty River

Kev: Tell us a bit about yourself, Stephen.
Steve: Hello, Readers. How are you? I am fantastic. My name is Stephen Page, but you may call me Steve. I was born in Detroit into a family with Irish, English, Shawnee, and Apache lineage. I am the author of The Timbre of Sand, Still Dandelions, and A Ranch Bordering the Salty River (by Finishing Line Press). I graduated with two AA’s from Palomar college, a BA from Columbia University, and an MFA From Bennington College. I currently live in Argentina and am married to a bewitching Argentine woman. I love traveling, adventuring, reading, Netflix-bingeing, spending time with my family, and occasionally throwing my cell phone off a high bridge.

Kev: What’s your latest book called and how did you come up with the title?
Steve: The title of the book is A Ranch Bordering the Salty River. I derived the name from the fictional location of a ranch/farm which happens to have a salty river along one of its borders.

The Salty River works as a metaphor for the briny relationship the main character, Jonathan, has with his employees and business partners.

Kev: Which Genre do you have it listed under and does it cross any other genres?
Steve: It is a collection of poems, a novel in verse, a work of fiction . . . so yes, it does cross genres . . . or maybe it can best be called a genre-rich book . . . a bundle of genres . . . a bound genrae.

Kev: Tell us a little bit more about it.
Steve: This book tells the story of Jonathan, a rancher who learns how to run a ranch in an environmentally conscious manner. He learns how treat the animals humanely and the employees justly. He ensures that a generous portion of land is kept feral as a wildlife refuge and a haven for local flora. He daily battles cattle rustlers, horse thieves, contract hustlers, saboteurs, and violent people . . . until . . . well, so I won’t spoiler-alert, you will have to read the book to see how the story plays out.

Kev: Introduce us to your main character
Steve: I picture Jonathan as an intellectually rugged man. He wakes early to sip coffee while watching the sun rise over fields of clover and listen to the morning birds sing. He puts on his rancher clothes and steps out of his house and steps up into his white pickup or hops on his roan horse to perform a recorrido (tour of the ranch), where he checks on the state of the livestock, makes certain security gates are locked and closed, supervises the employees on their daily routines, mandates orders of the day, ensures that his business partners who plant seeds and harvest on his land are rotating the crops properly—and most especially do not spray herbicides/pesticides that are on “the worst environmentally hazardous product lists.” He often works in the corral with the gauchos (South American cowboys). Sometimes, or whenever he can, which is never as often as he likes, he slips away and sits in the woods and sips mate (a loose-leaf tea drunk from a gourd through a metal straw) and just relishes the beauty of living on a piece of land that is rich with nature. Jonathan is an ethical person who believes in fair-play and wants to do good things in the world. He is honest but naïve in the world of business and business people—that is where the tension arises in the poems/story.

Kev: Provide a teaser/short passage from your book.
Steve: Here is the first poem of the collection, which introduces the voice of the main character, and provides the setting:
The Drought
In a field northeast of Wood
the soy is stunted,
the pods hang brown and brittle
the leaves twirl dunly.
The bees!
I never knew there could be so many!
How angry they sound in the afternoon:
hundreds of white wood hives
pueblo the edge
of Wood.
I could not reach Wood,
the bramble and burrs
were too thick
boundaring the tree line
with my bare legs.
My ranch house sits kilometers
away, my 4 by 4 is parked
on the road behind me.
I want to enter the Myth
of Wood, the legend of its shade
to lick the dew off leaves.
The thistle has bloomed to seed.
Steve: And here are the epigrams, which help set up the story:
“I is someone else.”— Arthur Rimbaud. “The known interprets the obscure, the universe is alive with myth.” – Ernest Fenolloso. “It behooves man now not to separate himself too jauntily from any of nature’s creatures.” – Charles Olson. “The World has a soul.” – Allen Ginsberg. And “Out of our quarrel with others we make rhetoric. Out of our quarrel with ourselves we make poetry.” – William Butler Yeats

Kev: When you wrote this work, did you write off-the-cuff or use some kind of formula like an outline?
Steve: I just started writing poems regularly out on a piece of land on the Pampas (the Argentine grain belt/plains). I often sat in the early morning hours by or in a wooded area and wrote about nature and the synthesis of human beings with the rest of the natural world. Then, after I started working on the land, I thought of an imaginary account of a rancher/farmer trying to use the land profitably yet environmentally friendly, and those topics cropped up in my poems. Eventually, I found a line threading through the poems I had been writing for over a year, and a common thesis was revealed to me with a drama playing out. So, there was no outline. Not at first anyways. The only formula I remember was that the work began poem by poem, headed in no particular direction, but then aligned arbitrarily, and consciously marched off to a satisfying conclusion.

Kev: Did you research for the backdrop of your story or any other part of it?
Steve: In order to validate to the poems and story, I did research, especially after the poems began to form a united work. I googled, read online, and bought hundreds of books about ranching, farming, managing employees, taking care of livestock, names of local fauna and flora.

Kev: What challenges did this particular work pose for you?
Steve: Time, mostly. Long hours of writing and editing after long days of running a ranch/farm. Then there was the learning how to smile when dealing with dishonest people.

Kev: What methods are you using to promote this work?
Steve: I am a writer and a reader. Usually humble, in fact I am the most humble person I know. Seriously, I am not by nature a bragger, a grandstander, or a show-off. So, promoting is something I never did before or even tried to do. I am still new at it (even after months of execution) and still learning. The people at Finishing Line Press provided me with some reading material to learn how to promote. Promoting apparently is the “now” way for writers to publish and sell books. Whereas, in the past, publishing houses did most of the promoting and selling and distributing, now most publishing houses want the writer to do the legwork and phone calling. There are lots of ways to go about promoting. In my case, I just e-mailed bookstores, alma-matters, libraries, family, and friends. I set up a book tour. I also opened Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to post notices about the progress of the book’s publication, its release, the book tour, blurbs and reviews. So, readers, if you read something on-line from a writer that rings like shame-faced self-promotion, it’s just a necessary survival tactic, an evolutionary result.
Kev: Do you have any advice for new authors?

Steve: Just keep at it. Never give up. Always think of yourself as a writer (even if other people do not). Spend as much time submitting for publication and promoting your work as you do writing.

Links to and about “A Ranch Bordering the Salty River,” by Stephen Page:,115448

About Kev
Kev is an Author & Songwriter. After years of studying, and even more years working in education, and management in the US, he returned to his hometown in England where he finally settled down to focus on his writing and music. Links to his works can be found in the widget bar, and more information about them can be found on his pages above. He would greatly appreciate it if you would check them out. Kev has a M.Ed in Secondary Education with English as his main subject area. He also did post-graduate studies in Christian Counselling and Psychopathology after obtaining a BA in Psychology with a minor in Classical Greek.

Author Desk Wednesdays 16.8.17 51 sleepless nights by Tobias Wade

There are three types of horrors, one that Alfred Hitchcock dealt with when he filmed psycho, another Bram Stoker when he wrote Dracula and the third is of course Lovecraftian horror I will say. I am a drop-dead fan of horrors, horror movies and stories are my guilty pleasure I will say! Can’t do without them! As a result I am quite fussy about horror stories/movies especially the former, because horror movies are either good, sufferable or downright disgusting, and mostly you can assess them within first fifteen minutes, and decide whether you will actually watch them, give them a chance or just delete the file! Stories are much tougher- it takes quite some skill to scare your readers! Create that scene in their mind that will make them feel uneasy. A skill which very few authors can master! They don’t have the actors in scary masks or eerie music to help them, or the deserted graveyard or building on the screen to suck viewers in… so becoming a scary story writer is much much harder!!

Now, Tobias’s stories are a blending of Hitchcock and Lovecraft I will say! They are more about human mind. They will often leave you confused if it was actually something paranormal or just a disturbed mind! That snapped or was always that way!

Ghost or not, this book is a gift at $0.99! Believe me! They are sometimes a little explicit, beware but that does not ruins the stories (even for me- someone who skips the gory parts of movies and never watches torture porns like saw or texas chainsaw massacres)! There is a nice number of stories too- quite nice I will tell you!

He has dealt with many aspects of human psychology- and very deftly I think! None of his stories sound far-fetched or surreal! The way he builds his story by the time it reaches the climax you can feel that the character is quite capable of doing those things- no matter how despicable they are!

The supernatural creatures that have showed up in his stories are quite new, not the same vampires, zombies …. That shows up in most of ghost stories (including mine)! He has given us a fresh set of paranormal beings! Well, even though they are really explicit for my mild taste (sometimes) still I finished the book in two days, so I will say in my records it is good enough! Some stories will stay in your mind! For quite some time before fading away!

The book is for all types of horror addicts I will say, Hitchcockian, Lovecraftian and Stokerian- though more for the first two categories. If you ask my suggestion-go for it! The first story will refund your $0.99!

I will be looking forward to some Stokerian stories from Tobias in future, the stories that will scare simply with the hint of fear! Just think about Bram Stoker’s Dracula- I don’t remember one head rolling in the whole story! The only violent death in that story was most probably of Renfield! But it scared me as a child, and as an adult it ran a shiver down my spine when I read some parts of it! Now, of course after watching horror movies like tree outside my window those effects are gone forever but still… that is to me is real horror!

I will wait for some such works from Tobias and I am sure he has full power to write a few such stories, if he tries!

How many stars will I give it? I think four, I would have merrily given it five stars if it was a little less explicit! But if you love Lovecraftian horrors (which I don’t) you will love it!!!!!

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FEW WORDS FROM THE CRITIQUE: If you want me to critique your book feel free to contact me, I will need the pdf file though, no ebook or other formats! I will critique your book, send you a copy and highlight it in and, two facebook pages ( and one facebook group- sharmishthabasu and my Ezine Agnishatdal (monthly ezine).

Author Desk Wednesdays 9.8.17 is for Tobias Wade

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Tell us something about yourself.
Tobias Wade: Former neuroscience researcher, born again horror writer. During my studies, it struck me as odd that I could learn so much about why humans behave without understanding the intricacies of human nature. It occurred to me I learned more about the depths of human experience from reading Dostoyevsky than I ever had from my text books, and I was inspired to write. After several years of selling scripts in Los Angeles, I have turned my focus toward my own publications. Full time novelist, script writer, and horror blogger.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Where can we get you on social media?
Tobias Wade: Facebook l Twitter l Horror Blog l Mailing List. I’m continuing to add 3 new horror stories every week to the horror blog. I’ll share them on my facebook, but following the mailing list newsletter is the best way to automatically receive them as well as get free promotional copies of my latest books.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: How can we buy your book?
Tobias Wade: Buy it here ( I’m currently enrolled in KDP, so the book is exclusive to Amazon. It’s available as an eBook or paperback, with an narrated audiobook in production.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Background story of the book?
Tobias Wade: On a dark and stormy night I was bored and surfing reddit. What else are you supposed to do on dark and stormy nights, go look at haunted houses? We all know how that ends.

/nosleep on reddit is the worlds largest community devoted to horror stories at over 11.5 million subscribers. I started out writing stories there for fun, but I received such an incredible reception that I decided to turn my stories into a horror blog and share them regularly. After winning /nosleep story of the month in May (for this story), I decided that my collection was becoming legitimate enough to publish.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Another one coming up?
Tobias Wade: 51 Sleepless Nights is currently ranked #3 in the horror collections category behind only Clive Barker and Lovecraft, so I plan to continue releasing collections as I continue to amass stories. Before that I will be releasing the fantasy trilogy The Last Man which follows a girl traveling through seven surreal worlds, each representing an aspect of enlightenment. The final book should be available within the month, although Books 1,2 are currently free for my Mailing List subscribers.

New FREE horror stories every Monday/Wednesday/Friday.
Group of like-minded horror enthusiasts. Join us for author updates, contests, public appearances, and more.
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