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A Scary Vacation Copyright © 2018 Hemdiva Dev CHAPTER 2 You look like a Ghost Riya sat beside Aalia and stared the dressing table. It had tall mirror, a big drawer and a seat. Suddenly Riya felt a hand grab her leg from under the bed. She panicked and looked down. But there was nothing […]

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Shubho Nabobarsho 1425, Happy Bengali New Year 1425

Wish you all a very blessed 1425, that is, Bengali new year. Today is Poila Boisakh! Don’t forget to leave your email id in the comments mentioning you want my monthly, free, newsletter Agnijashatadalama (this one will follow English Calendar), a spoiler of upcoming Agnijaat, Agnishatdal and other books mostly.

Wont be long, will keep it real short and sweet!

Love and hugs.

have a great day!

Sharmishtha Basu

Cover Reveal – Silver Fire

Silver Fire by Freya Pickard

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Not …
… … long …
… … … to wait …
… … … … … now …
In just a few days time I will be launching my first ever permanently free book!
Silver Fire is the first in an epic series, The Kaerling, and you will be able to download it for FREE from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Kobo as well many other e-book outlets.
Come back next week to find out more!
Please help me spread the word – share and re-blog!
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Freya Pickard 2018

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What I’m publishing next …

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I joined Patreon initially to get my novels about Isu Magan published. I released Vintrig’s Kingdom in November 2017 and Vintrig’s Throne is due for release shortly!
Although I did a lot of the work myself and managed to call in favours regarding the formatting, pagination and artwork, I needed a source of income to pay for promotion. I wasn’t expecting a massive amount, just enough to enable me to pay for the first book to be promoted in order to increase sales.
Now that Vintrig’s Throne is due to be published very soon (!) I need more money to promote it in a variety of ways. As I am currently self-employed in my new business, it’s more important to me than ever to be able to continue to promote my books.
I have so many more books to share with the world; my fantasy series “The Kaerling”, my poetry…

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My Newsletter !

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This year I have been unable to send out my usual quarterly Newsletter due to moving house and setting up a new business!
But I am now preparing my Newsletter for March 2018! The story that began in The Essence of Thyme and continued in The Oil of Sage, will conclude in The Attar of Chervil! I also share with my readers new poems as well as telling them something about my real life in a short editorial.
If you are already a subscriber to my Newsletter you should have received an email from me a couple of weeks ago, asking if you still wanted to receive it. If you’ve not seen the email yet, please check your Junk and Spam folders. If you do wish to continue to receive my creativity 4 times a year, please make sure you get back to me BEFORE 31st January 2018…

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I write like Ray Bradbury!

The train was standing silently, waiting for the signal, there was something charming about that, the windows visible in the darkness, like small boxes of lights, the doors.

A man or a woman standing in the door sometimes, looking out, maybe they too were looking at the buildings and our windows, wishing they were home!

Or just like her imagining what people were doing in their homes, like she imagined what they were thinking, doing or where were they going!

Trains always stir imagination, don’t they? She remembered her childhood, she used to lie in bed and listen to the rumbles of wheels of late night train,
thackata thackata thack…

a steady rhythm, like music, she always wondered how the driver feels when he drives at night, miles after miles, the passengers fall asleep but he stays on guard, watching, just as much as headlight allowed, surrounded by an ocean of darkness, sometimes a station passed by, then miles of absolute darkness. It always unleashed her wildest imagination, craziest fantasies!

The author blushingly says:

I stumbled upon this site, through a post of someone else, I have forgotten whose I am sorry! But I had some really cool critiques for my writing style there check them out:


You like it? Will you take a taste of my works in Patreon by becoming my patron and helping me into turning my passion into my livelihood (Not key to El Dorado yet)!

Here is the whole packet from I write like if you are curious:

http://iwl.me/s/b3a26720 4xstephen king 12, 10, 6, 1
http://iwl.me/b/698342ba 3xtolstoy 13, 3, 2
http://iwl.me/b/ce65a7ad 3xmargaret mitchell- 14, 11, 4
5 http://iwl.me/b/8724194c 1xoscar wilde
7 http://iwl.me/b/d760c1b4 1xjames joyce
8 http://iwl.me/b/df5a2d46 1xbram stoker
9 http://iwl.me/b/faf229ca 1xRay Bradbury
15 http://iwl.me/b/cfe99843 1xDan Brown
16 http://iwl.me/b/69fb153c 1xGeorge Orwell
17 http://iwl.me/b/9a04347d 1xmariopuzo