my illustrations for Kevin Cooper’s Reflections


Yeah when Kevin first told me that he will publish those works as books I felt like he has given a piece of moon in my palm and I was sure that he will change his mind after a week or two but he did not!

Not only that the (strangers) readers of his blog liked those works too! That is something great for this compliment hungry artist!

Want to celebrate my victory? Here is the link:

If you like them and would like my works for your book/ blog posts do contact me, I will love to discuss. My email id is :,


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Why will you become my patrons and spend your hard earned money? Well I have four reasons and one extra one! Honestly I can’t promise you the next David Copperfield or Harry Potter but if you are a regular reader of my blogs then I can hope that you like the things I write, paint! Now, I can quite clearly see that you have already noticed that I am reposting my old works since last year, the new works are being included in my books in Amazon and Patreon, later, when I will be able to save my dreams from “Great Indian Red Tapes” they will be available in Agnijashatadalama too!

But if you truly admire my works and want to check out my fresh works, which you can guess are far better than the ones I wrote or painted in 2012… please become my patrons in Patreon and help me become financially self dependent through my own creativity! The things I will gift you in return of your priceless generosity:

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If you pledge $1 per month Agnijaat, Agnishatdal, Agnimalya, Sharmishtha Basu’s Paint and Brush every month
If you pledge $1 per month Agnijaat, Agnishatdal, Agnimalya, Sharmishtha Basu’s Paint and Brush and glimpses of my upcoming books in form of another mini book every month.

You know about Agnishatdal and Agnijaat, Agnimalya contains stories and Sharmishtha Basu’s Paint and Brush contains you can guess fully illustrated works of any possible type I can create!
Will love to see you there! Believe me!

Agnishatdal and Agnijaat books in Kindle

Book 1

Agnijaat Book 1 (1423)

Agnishatdal Book 1 (1423)

Book 2

agnijaat book 2

agnishatdal book 2

Book 3:

The ponchishe Boisakh issues of Agnishatdal and Agnijaat:
Book 3 Agnishatdal:
Book 3 Agnijaat:

Book 4:

The Sharadiya Issues of Agnishatdal and Agnijaat:
Book 4 Agnishatdal:
Book 4 Agnijaat:

ANNUAL DIGESTS (17.7.2017):

Agnijaat Annual Digest 2017: Sfulingo 1

Agnishatdal Annual Digest 2017: Agnidal 1

Thank You Bro and Troy David Loy for becoming my patrons in patreon!

Thanks a lot Troy and bro for becoming my patrons in patreon, to me it means a LOT! MORE THAN A LOT!


Hope you will enjoy what you will get there, they will mostly be new or very seriously altered old stories, works.

Do let me know if you think something is missing.

God bless you again!

love and big hugs!

Thank You Kevin Cooper @

Kevin has been spending his priceless time reading my books these days, all seven that I rewrote and republished in septhember, you most probably have read their names twenty times already!

He started with Spirits of darkness and light here is the post:

Then before I could share it with my readers he gifted me another amazing review:

not one but two posts! I don’t know if is heart is made of flesh or pure gold! It is a huge, mammoth help for me to have friends like Kevin, Troy, Caroline and you all! I will always be indebted!

BTW the second post he did on Black Mist and other stories:

When you are there, dont forget to check out the wonderful comments his readers left on his posts about my paintings which to me are pretty clumsy! but i have no problem with loving compliments and sharing them with friends.

Black Mist and other stories:
Kindle ebook:


The kindle ebook

The paperback

7 story books with new stories and pricetag in Kindle!

The new avatara is out, has been published in September, all the stories but the cover story has been changed and the price has been reduced, really reduced I mean! Hope you will enjoy the new book and specially its reduced prices! Both in Kindle and Createspace aka ebook and paperback.

Black Mist and other stories:
Kindle ebook:

Tell me a story:

Kindle ebook:




The kindle ebook

The paperback




The kindle ebook

The paperback


The kindle copy ebook

The paperback

I write like Stephen King

He almost choked when his balloon passed by the small castle, yeah passed by! He was not flying 30 feet above the ground, he was flying in clouds, and there it was!

Sitting pretty, perfectly camouflaged with the cloud. An old man was sitting on the porch, with a glass in his hand. He waved at him and winked, absolutely delighted by his expression.

“Mind if I join you?” he just could not resist himself.

“Oh no! Not at all! Tie your balloon to one of the sticks made for exactly that purpose, sometimes some helicopters pay visit… there are arrangements in the backyard.” The old man invited him warmly.

“Since my childhood I have always dreamt about living in a cloud, rolling on it, eating its pieces, now I could not do the latter two things but…did the first one.” He grinned.

“Why have we not heard about your castle?” he asked.

“You know governments and their red tapes, if they know they will bring me down to earth!”

The author blushingly says:

I stumbled upon this site, through a post of someone else, I have forgotten whose I am sorry! But I had some really cool critiques for my writing style there check them out:

You like it? Will you take a taste of my works in Patreon by becoming my patron and helping me into turning my passion into my livelihood (Not key to El Dorado yet)!
Here is the whole packet from I write like if you are curious: 4xstephen king 12, 10, 6, 1 3xtolstoy 13, 3, 2 3xmargaret mitchell- 14, 11, 4
5 1xoscar wilde
7 1xjames joyce
8 1xbram stoker
9 1xRay Bradbury
15 1xDan Brown
16 1xGeorge Orwell
17 1xmariopuzo