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Agnishatdal Book 11 saraswatipuja 1427 critique by SB

Agnishatdal Book 11, saraswatipuja 1427
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Critique by SB

Agnishatdal book 11 saraswatipuja 2020 Bitter Pill

Agnishatdal Book 11 shares a set of works by author Bitter Pill.

Twain Shall never meet- This article expresses author’s views against free mingling of good and bad, can’t say I don’t believe in it. This was one of the first things our parents taught us before they set us out to schools, don’t mingle with bad girls, sooner or later you will pick up their habits and ruin your life.

These abused victims- We the Indians grew up listening to this hypocrisy- he is tortured, she is tortured, cleverly hiding the parts that contradict, not for betterment of society but for own social gains. So, yes, even if the whole world says that someone is abuse victim don’t blindly believe them. Test.

Shapeshifters- Seen too many people of this category in life! People who really don’t seem to fit with the data they supply about themselves. That includes degrees and certificates of all kind.

Sita was a rare soul- Well, anyone who reads newspaper and have mingled with women knows that the mythological women if they really existed are creatures of past. Women are just human beings now.

Kolkata Kulture- Well, this is something I agree with completely, after spending all these years in Kolkata I really firmly believe that they are like that crow who glued some peacock feathers in its body and started believing that it was a peacock and acting like one too.

Khoka Khuki- After a time it really gets on your nerve. When people just refuse to grow up and firmly believe that if they pretend that they are little babies everyone will believe that.

Third K of Kolkata- These dog lovers of Kolkata should be transported to some island with their beloved nuisances! I am becoming allergic to my once favorite animal after shifting to this locality.

Get ‘em boys- Going by the news items, it really does not looks very surreal, but even if it is true Hindu men and their greed is the main reason behind it. Maybe they should stop taking dowries and treat women with respect and genuine affection and see if they still marry outside their religion!

Haters aplenty- This is a disease that is escalating. How human beings love to hate others! On one pretext or other!

Religion- A long article divided in parts about religion. It is pretty interesting read. Being sort of religions but hopefully not fanatic I enjoyed the pieces.


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