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Beyond God’s Reach by Siddharth Shukla- Critique by Sharmishtha Basu

Beyond God’s Reach
By Siddharth Shukla

The statutory warning is it deals with a very grim topic, not a very delightful topic for women, who are supposed to be mothers of girls. But thankfully Siddharth has dealt the topic with gentleness and has given hints mostly. Then I always skip the parts that hurt me, so I will be simply honest, I have skipped a few portions and read the rest.

Here comes my verdict, It is a very well written story that I finished in one go. I was thinking about checking it out in pieces, that is how I read almost all of my books, including classics written by awesome authors but Siddharth’s writing skill helped me to finish it in one go.

For a newbie author, it is his very first book I will say he is great! I remember my first book and blush a bit even now! He has written it very well and with a powerful conviction. He has captured the heart-breaking trauma that the parents went through and the terror that I felt when the keepers became devourers. They allowed a ghoul to go out free to hurt other kids, which they almost always do. I have read it in the profiles of many psychopaths how their “not getting caught” has filled them up with God syndrome.

It is very real and very sad how people who are supposed to protect the society end up devouring them. Starting from the kings to modern day rulers! Yeah they are rulers!

I will merrily give it five stars on writing skill even if it is not my pot of soup. I really, really utterly detest writings on torture of children and holocaust era. Just despise them! But the book landed on my table and I promised a fair critique. I think you should check out the book if you are as frustrated with our modern rulers as I am.


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