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Agnijaat Chaitra, March review by Troy David Loy

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Agnijaat Chaitra 1424 Critique:
By Troy David Loy

Well, well! This will be my final critique of this eZine for the year BS 1424. Let’s do this!

Summer hours!

This image shows a pair of women in traditional garb reclining and attempting to survive the encroaching summer heat. Good proportions, great mix of colors, too!

Indie Author Speaks 8 – help others!
Sound advice to writers and bloggers alike, for no one is an island in the publishing world, and there is a real sense in which a rising tide raises all ships.

From the Quill of Femme Sole 2:
Pic memes of the affairs had by both young and old guys — on the same women!

Unemployment the Demon 2:
This discusses the downside of urbanization in a country with a traditionally agrarian economy.

Happiness Skills…. (21):
Marriage doesn’t have to come early, or at all! One ought to get married at any age they are ready to, if they have any actual need to to begin with.

Nature @Kolkata in Chaitra:
The harshness of summer and its muggy, steamy devilry approach as the end of 1424 looms on the horizon.

Those beautiful ladies…:
A discussion of the feminine stars and starlets of early Indian cinema, and the lost art of advocacy through example onscreen.

A piece on the backstory of the popular band ABBA. I too like a lot of their music, though it’s seldom played in the states except on ’70s oldies stations.

Window to West – The Echo:
Ooh! A scary movie! I might want to check this one out, though I doubt that there’s much in American cinema that beats IT for sheer terror value. Worth a look at any rate!

Basantipuja: topped by a digital painting that shows a great color choice and balance, the authoress discusses the spring festival of Goddess Durga, but commemorating the killing of the demon king Ravana by Rama, and attributed to same.

Theme for Chaitra is Final Moments:
This month, in picture, verse, and story, the authoress conveys the urgency and often sadness of nearing the ends of the stories we tell each other and ourselves, including the stories of our lives, and here too, the end of BS 1424.

Fir Milenge:
I love this image, with the dreamlike quality I’ve come to recognize in the authoress’s work!

“Mia padre!” Cartoonpunz:
A cool selection of memes, this reminds me of one of my favorite online comic strips, Randall Munroe’s XKCD. Here, an older man gets turned down by a girl not into that sort of lechery, and poisons her reputation in revenge.

Well, now that it’s currently BS 1425, that’s it for 1424. And in proper abbreviated Soruggon may you always…
Tf. Tk. Tts.


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