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Agnijaat Falgun, February critique by Troy David Loy

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Agnijaat Falun 1424 Critique
by Troy David Loy

Happy Holi!
Loved the image for this one, and the passage following reminds me of a quote from Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor from Doctor Who: “Of course I’m being childish! What’s the point of growing up if you can’t be childish sometimes?” This is arguably my favorite Indian festival. I lament my country’s lack of anything like it.

Indie author speaks 8
This was interesting, on not being overly satisfied with one’s own writing, and not giving up when it’s a passion. The authoress notes the doors to the world opened by her pursuit.

Single in India 1
This is a new piece, with cartoons of literal dogs on the depravity of skeevy types and lechers in society. Actual dogs would probably be embarrassed by such so-called men.

Fake cheques and what else?
Good essay on bank fraud, be it forged signatures…

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