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Saturday Korcha 10.3.18 Mohammed Rafi

Mohammad Rafi
Born December 24, 1924, Punjab
Died july 31, 1980

We all have a singer or to we are all goo goo ga ga about! Right? Well Mohammad Rafi is THAT singer for me, his very voice makes me feel that someone is dripping nectar down my ear, that is if ears could taste then his voice certainly would have been pure nectar!

This amazing singer was quite aptly called Tansen of India by a fan, honestly, it is impossible to describe his voice, his singing! All you can do is hear him. He is pure magic!

Well, he was born in Punjab India but his father relocated to Lahore when he was a child, there his elder brother’s friend, his future brother in law realized the talent of this fabulous singer, and we should be thanking him for convincing his family to send Rafi to Mumbai, the name of this farishta, angel was Abdul Hameed. Well, then India was sliced into two pieces, but Rafi stayed in Mumbai and brought his family to India too.

This divine artist has sung all type of songs with equal expertise, on one hand he has sung for the cutest hero of Mumbai Shammi Kapoor, on the other hand he has made us cry with painful laments! Boy oh boy! Just hear his songs ok?
There are so many haunting songs by this ONE artist that it is impossible to name a few, or a dozen, I don’t want to scare you away by filling up a paragraph of songs I love by this artist, that will be only 1%. So take a dig!
By the way did you guys know that Rafi recorded six songs for the hindi remake of Dilip Sen’s Bengali movie sorry madam, the film was not completed, songs were written by Kafeel Aazar and composed by Chitragupta , these songs were digitally released in 2009 by the label “silk road” under the name “The last Songs”, the physical album was released only in India by Universal. I could not get any link of the physical album but I did discover a bunch of songs under the same title in apple’s itune. I wonder if they are the same!

NOTE: There is not much to say about it, I think in this series I will just open their pages in internet, pick up the things that I have loved about them and share them with you. At the end mention the site which gave me the information.

In this case it is of course good old Wikipedia. You can check out in case it has something extra to offer.

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Few talks about some favorite stars, irrespective of their field of music, art.
They are collected from various sites or are just my view of them. You will know
the difference when you read the post, most are from wikipedia.

These are from the fun section of the Ezines.

I dont know, being me I may have missed mentioning it, do remember one thing,
as you read these works, some of these are my personal views and whatever data,
you see in these are collected from various sites of internet, mostly
wikipedia, and quite often from the sites of the artists

You know I dont know everything right? I am just a student who is sharing her
notes with you!



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