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Agnijaat Bhadra 1424 critique by Troy David Loy

Agnijaat Bhadra 1424 Critique
By Troy David Loy

Indie Author Speaks 3 – myriad hues of Indie Publishing: The Authoress discusses her journey in self-publishing to the present, the ups and downs, and thoughts on the trade, especially marketing.

diary entries of an accidental home minister: 2
The Authoress details her thoughts on her early adult ambitions, and how things turned out, and might have, had circumstances been different.

A sobering talk on what can happen no matter one’s station in life!

One corrupt employee is enough:
Those who spy on private information are not always those we would least expect, but those in a good position to access our data!

Indian farmers – why are they not thriving? – 2
This discusses the need for better use of water resources in farm crops, as the trade is beset by a dependence on local natural conditions by state. It’s got sound suggestions of a way to work around this, and in part at least, offset the woes of farmers.

Those labels….
No one likes being called names – they are often meant to hurt after all – but those who do gleefully apply harmful names are often beset with issues of their own, deep personal issues with no way of their own to resolve them in dying, broken hearts.

Words of the wisest 2:
One of the major problems religions face is the mutual inconsistencies of scripture. Here is a brief, but easy solution for those to whom non-belief is too extreme.

Nature @Kolkata in Bhadra:
This month’s image catches the season well, especially given the torrential rains of Bengal! The two festivals of the month, other than Teacher’s Day, are Bakrid and Vishawakarma Puja, one for Muslims and the other for Hindus!

Censoring movies on Internet…
Sometimes, online movies can be tasteless, beyond merely pushing boundaries and driving those boundaries screaming into fits of Dire Awfulness in the age of the Internet. Sometimes, the Authoress suggests, a line should be drawn, and at least some movies ought to be restricted access for disturbing content!

INDIAN RAGA NOW – Hindi vs Bengali Songs:
A talk on the failings of songs in contemporary Bangla language movies, exceeded in quality of lyrics by those films in Hindi.

Spotlight On – Tracy Chapman
The Authoress talks about a good Western artist, and here’s a link to her song Fast
Car: With her clear voice it’s a good listen!

Window to West – When a monster calls & the search for wilderpeople:
I’ve not seen these two movies, but the third discussed, Miss Peregrin’s Home for
Special Children sounds extremely cool. I myself confess to having been biased by
decades of exposure to American comic books to movies like Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, so despite my enjoyment of them, that’s hardly a point in their favor! The Authoress has a point that the quality of superhero movies has gone way down, with too much of the same recycled tropes! The two movies of this post’s title sound interesting, and must be watched!

Sweet Memories – Manush Jhulan:
A remembrance of the celebration of Janmashtami in Burdwan, and a tradition that hopefully still goes on there to this day…

Sharmishtha Basu talks to Suman
An interview with the Authoress herself, and what writing and painting mean and have come to mean to her. Here she talks about their role in making her who she is today, including the community of fellow writers she’s met on WordPress.

18 Destiny:
It’s a sad story, with a not-so-sad ending. Good micro-fiction, here!

Theme for Bhadra is Living vs Breathing:
This month, the admonition is to live . . . because life comes only once!

A painting of a miniature monsoon cloud watering the Earth, held in the hand.

Another painting, this time a man descending from the sky with what could be a cape or wingsuit, amid the clouds skydiving.

Diamond verse on the importance of being moved by life.

Four 7 x 2 = diamond:
The beauty of a flower, in a bit of verse which tells how deeply the little things can
enrich our lives, and life’s brevity.

A sad story of a mother who could never make the time for her young daughter . . .until it was too late!

Good verse on the journey we call life, and how it differs from merely going through the motions.

Seven: Live!
Good advice, in a time when life is often wasted in conceding ground to those who would dictate our course for us!

Aaand, that’s it for Bhadra 1424’s critique! I’ll see you same time, same channel, for Ashwin’s critique! Stay cool!
Tf. Tk. Tts.

From the Editor-creator of the Ezine aka Sharmishtha Basu:

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The first annual digests of the Ezines:

Agnijaat Annual Digest 2017: Sfulingo 1

Agnishatdal Annual Digest 2017: Agnidal 1


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