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Agnijaat Shraban 1424 critique by Troy David Loy

Agnijaat Shraban 1424 Critique by Troy David Loy @

Self Publishing Ideas 2:
This relates some very useful information for post-secondary students interested in getting their poetry published, with submission guidelines included.

diary entries of an accidental home minister: 1
Good advice that calling oneself by the tired word “unemployed” is overrated, and that “home minister” is much better as well as more reflecting one’s actual residential duties. Hear, hear!

Cellphone spy software:
A dark side of coding, in the creation and use of malware for remotely surveilling other peoples’ phones by enterprising hackers. In some parts of the world it’s a thriving Internet business!

Caste system:
The authoress concludes this segment with this, for the moment, final installment on the politics of the scheduled and higher castes.

Indian farmers – why are not they thriving? – 1:
The plight of those in the agriculture trade and the failure of government to address their problems is discussed. Its lack of organization, small crop yields, looting, inequity in support for farmers, and neglect for the general image of peasants, spells issues the government must in time face to feed an ever-growing population of more than a billion on its own.

Trojan Horses…:
Stalkers are a frequent problem online and in this case, IRL. The authoress relates the things she’s gone through over more than two decades in dealing with her own, with a warning.

Bhakti Saints: Kabir:
Striving for spiritual unity in his teachings, this man espoused a universalist philosophy in his pursuit of the Infinite. I’ll have to look up his couplets, as the insights could be valuable, even to some nonbelievers.

Nature @Kolkata in Shraban:
With torrential rain and four widely celebrated festivals, while the rain reminds me of the nor’easter just this weekend at my locale, but with no comparison here in the festivals. Indian festivals are colorful, and doubtless fun!

Words of the wisest:
Three hymns from the Bhagavad Gita, with the words of Lord Krishna in verse
discussed, along with their context in instructing his friend Arjuna in following through with his dharma.

Suman Chatterjee, Nachiketa Chakraborty, and Hemanta Mukherjee are singers well worth looking into, for the post-Rabindrasangit period of Bengali music, singers who performed their art with style and subtlety in their day!

SPOTLIGHT ON – Richard Clayderman:
I’ve listened to Clayderman’s music, and blast, it’s good! I’ve found a link here for a good listen to some of his best: I’ve asked my brother if he knows him, and gave a “no” to that but forwarded me the URL for Richard’s website: Check it out!

Window to West – Finding Dori:
A movie I’ve not seen, but worth viewing anyway when I get the chance! I’ll watch
Finding Nemo too, as we keep a cloth toy of Nemo in the family car.

Sweet Memories – A gentle heart:
The authoress recounts some of the truly good people she’s met and dealt with, not just gentle, though, but also altruists in a genuine sense.

Story Time: Crazy
Here is a cute little piece of flash fiction with an ominous start and a little surprise at the end!

Theme Shraban is Monsoon:
This month, there’s a couple of lovely digital paintings: the first of a goddess reclining on a rain cloud, the second of a girl on the earth below wading through life-giving monsoon flooding. Three is a well-formed piece of diamond verse on the soft sound of cooling rain. Four is 7×2 diamond verse on the final end of summer and the onset of the rainy season. Five is a flash fiction tale of a crew of three boatmen on a river who encounter a storm on their journey, far from the comforts of home and family. Six is a bit of verse welcoming the monsoon season and its respite from the harsh heat of summer. In seven, the authoress recounts experience with the rainy season in previous residences, and the benefits of the current situation.

That’s about it for this month! I’ll see you next month, O fine humans, and may you enjoy what left of this one!

Tf. Tk. Tts.

From the Editor-creator of the Ezine aka Sharmishtha Basu:

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The first annual digests of the Ezines:

Agnijaat Annual Digest 2017: Sfulingo 1

Agnishatdal Annual Digest 2017: Agnidal 1


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