Thursday Glimpses 4.5.17

Have a great day!


7 thoughts on “Thursday Glimpses 4.5.17

  1. And even more similarities between the two countries we talked about. Since it’s my own vendetta, I’d rather not mention which country it is in public, but you know which one I mean. Also, because I don’t want to claim any ties to it. With Hungary it’s different. For better or for worse, I am Hungarian. I can claim it alongside the other nationalities. And you can always diss your own. Same way you can say something bad about your parents or siblings in the heat of the moment, but if someone else does it, you will defend them to the death.

    Your post made me realize though, while Hungarians complain a lot, the other country is a master at playing the victim. They’ll attack you in a heartbeat, take everything from you if they can, and will keep on trying. Huh. You just pulled me out of writer’s block again. 😀


  2. Yeah. And the funny thing is, if you dare to compare, they will scratch your eyes out. Well, Eastern European countries at least. Unless you compare them to the leading nations ( which they would have been, too, had it not been for [insert perceived wrong / setback / crime against nation, etc]). Anything less, and it’s WWIII. 🙄

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    1. yeah, or simply label you as “traitor to own culture, religion, country… sex….”

      I have long stopped giving a two penny hoot to these persons, these are just cunning tricks of wicked to keep people ignorant so they can thrive on that ignorance- like I have been exploited in past, so I certainly am going to warn!

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