From the Author Week Wednesdays: Agnishatdal Author Wendel Brown

I was born on the 22nd day of the month.  That is considered the number of the spiritual master builder.  I am also a May Gemini, and born in the year of the Dragon. I have always had the ability to love all others, and have never hated no one.  God has always blessed me with that ability from my beginnings.  My Psalm is the 22nd, which my Religion Professor said represents me.  From a young age, my mother said when I would scribble it was always on Crosses on hills, and His star  at his birth in the sky in clouds.

I have a Degree with a double Major in both Religion and Business Administration.  I am always move early in the morning to read Gods word, and never commune in prayer with Him.  Many poems are inspired by those moments spent with Him as I feel the power of His grace and love.  

I have dyslexia, and i usually have to write a poem many times. I view things with a spiritual eye, a blessing from God.  I am moved daily to write Psalms, and poems as King David was also.  What I am blessed to write is always influenced by His grace and love and have been doing it since 1971, a special gift he gave to me to share His love around the world.  My poems are Spiritual and spiritually romantic, and romantic for my wife of 40 years…this year!  I have never been able to stop writing since 1971 when a spiritual encounter changed my life forever.  

I forgot to say I am a disabled veteran, with many disabilities. Chief among them is Multiple Sclerosis, and breathing disorders, COPD, Asthma!.  They limit my time I spend on the computer, 

My sister, I do not like to write about myself, so I hope this would do!  All I do with the gift of writing is to help others spiritually, and trying to help others forge a stronger relationship with their significant others.  God made woman and man to be able to become one.  So they should love each other the way they want to be love and treated.  And treat humankind the same way.   Hugs to you!

have known Gods spirit all of my life, I was not perfect, but I have always loved and trusted and God, and read his word intensively. I have Spiritual encounters through my life many from an early age.  My life was saved by the lord several times, I have never doubted his promises, and my love has never changed for him..  There is none in this world without sin in their lives, and i also am that way.  But God is my Lord and I will always praise him and his grace and love.  What I have written over 45 years and what I share is because of him and want to let others know that with Him one can do more than without him.  We all have gifts, and many do not know what they are, I was at a time like the prodigal son, and when I saw the world had nothing to offer me I begged for His love to embrace me and never leave.  I can write of love, because I know the greatest love, for it is of the creator, and God rewarded me with the gift of writing, of sharing and loving all as He has loved all he created.  I love you my sister, and I am so proud of what you do and share.  God is our father and we share that same spiritual love which he endows to those who know him aplenty.  My love for him, my devotion for him all comes because I know His love and grace.  There is no treasure greater than His love.  My sister I do not like to talk about myself, I have always been shy and humble, and I do not talk about many things but I will talk about my Heavenly Father and with my last breath I will praise him.  I was lonely in my dorm room over a holiday, with no one in the dormitory, being 25 miles from the nearest town.  I was lonely and crying, and there was a knock on my door, and when I opened up the door a man entered and told me “Wendell, God loves you.”  As he turned to leave I followed him out the door, and he was no longer there.  I went back into my room and I had a vision of a glowing bible floating in my room, from that moment on I wrote  poems for God and his love,  that was 1971.  And I still do it!  They say I write pretty good, but I always had a problem understanding and learning when I was younger, but one thing I never had a problem reading and understanding was the Holy Bible, I never had a problem understanding spiritual things.  As I told you I was blessed to be a 22, born on the 22nd day of a month.  I know no other way but to serve God and serve others, by sharing his love with all!   Hugs and blessings! You see 6 books, and I have another that is in process of being done, Called ReaLity, and it has a Musical Cd with me reciting it but new changes need to be made to it.   I also have about 43 submitted and copyrighted, completed  manuscripts at the United States Copyright Office.  I have binders full of poems written in them that I need to type up and get copyrighted.  I never can stop writing.  and my wife inspired many, she is a gift from God also, I asked God to choose a wife for me, and I would wait for His answer, and she said she also did the same, and he brought us together. my birth numbers are 52252, her address over 1000 miles away was 51252.  More than coincidence.  I wrote down my prayer that I prayed to God, the poem is called ‘Alone’  It is the first poem in the book ‘When Each Day I Write of You.’ It’s also on my blog!  Once i asked God who would read what I write about Him and Love,  i was told my gift is freely given and you freely received it.  I told Him I could not write big flowing words, and he said simply write, and the right hearts will understand!   God bless!

The list and details of Wendel’s works:


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