It’s not quite a bar, and it’s not quite a restaurant. It’s not quite a café either, whether you look at it in the British or the French sense. And yet, it’s all of the above and none of those. Most of all, it’s a meeting place of sorts, for the locals, for those passing by, for old students, for musicians, and for fans. Like its brethren, it started as a student’s home-away-from-home. As one friend put it, “you’re young, you’re vulnerable, you tend to miss home. So it’s nice to have others around you from where you grew up. You socialize together, you go to events where you meet others. It’s a safe haven of sorts.”
And then it all changed. It became a club, a dance hall, a comedy club. Open to the public, attracting a decent crowd. I went to three of them in Helsinki, and then…

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20 thoughts on “Ode to a Bar – Memories Of A Favorite Hangout

      1. Aww, thank you, Sharmishtha! I’m far from brilliant. Though occasionally, I do manage to convey some of what’s in my head. 🙂

        Having said that, it was a magical place, so I’m really happy that came through.


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