Waste for haikuhorizons.wordpress.com

Waste not your time
On worry and regrets if
You can, live instead.

A mustard flower
Spreads its golden beauty
Blooms on kitchen waste.


10 thoughts on “Waste for haikuhorizons.wordpress.com

  1. Like them both, but, and with much respect, the top ones a senryu. It took me some time to understand the difference between haiku and senryu, in the main because there are so many conflicting ideas plus those who are trying to implicate “English” guidelines. As follows; with the excuse that making/extending the top and bottom lines to 6, as in 6,7,6. would make it easier for haiku to be composed in those that utilise that language. Personally, for what its worth I don’t agree, and will always stick by 5.7,5. format, or, less as is permitted. From what I have learned the general consensus is as follows: As the latter above, No capitals, however they can be used with proper nouns out of respect. No punctuation. All must contain a kigo, if the tradition is to be maintained, and of course juxtaposition As is, and by my reckoning, sadly, the whole range of Japanese style poetry is be downgraded, or corrupted is a more appropriate description, as some that are considered by some as haiku are brilliant. These are my personal thoughts/opinions and by no means meant to you offense, if they have please accept my most sincere apologies, beat wishes, and regards,



      1. You have to be so careful how you say things in these modern days, so pleased we agree, thank you.


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