Agnishatdal 28.11.16


This week’s deity is Lord Kartikeya, well, you have already seen his paintings in all the Durgapuja greetings I have created, he is Mother Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva’s son. He is the God of warfare, and the captain of army of Gods. The puja is long gone though, it was held on 17th November, but I guess it is better to give them one post each instead of punching them all together in one post, right?

So, did you write something for Poush i.e. December Agnishatdal? What are you waiting for? Today is 28th, send it to me before 30th, in my email ids- and

If you want to read the last month’s issue/s- November or Agrahayan, you can write to me, in the same addresses and promise me a review, in your blog or mine.

I hope you already are familiar with the pages, if not-

If you want to make me happier by buying the first quarterly that was published in October and contains the selected parts of July, August, September issues-


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