Agnishatdal 21.11.16


This week’s festival for you is Jagaddhatri Puja, it is gone, long, long ago, it was held on 9th November and ended on 11th, it starts on lunar eighth hindu date, and ends on 10th date, just like Durgapuja, only this one starts on eighth day instead of sixth day of moon.

There is a cute story behind this puja, after Mother Goddess Durga has slain the buffalo demon the Gods became arrogant, and started to believe that she could do it only because they gave her the weapons and power.

Mother Goddess was amused by their boasting and she created a grass plant on earth and asked them to destroy that plant under her protection, they tried, one by one and then all of them together but could do nothing to it. That brought their senses back and they realized who she was.

Sweet story, eh?

So did you write something for Poush Agnishatdal? The one to be published in December? Send it to me! Or if you have not yet asked me for a copy of the Ezine(s) published this month, November or Agrahayan Issue- and

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