Agnishatdal 24.10.16


Good morning and a happy Monday! Well, hope you are having a fun time! We here in Bengal are now preparing for Kalipuja and Bhaiphota, on 29th and 1st November they will meet and greet us.

Kalipuja is all about light and crackers, bhaiphota is all about siblings and treats! The brothers get pampered by sisters.

Take a stroll on dipawali night anywhere in India and you will not forget the sight, but watch out for the firecrackers, so I will suggest a trip by car not on foot, don’t take a stroll, go out in car. You will see house after house decorated with light and people bursting crackers.

In Bengal you will see the lights of course, the crackers too, as a bonus you will see the Mother Goddess Kali being worshipped, the destroyer of evil. This puja is more common than Durgapuja because Durgapuja is expensive, being a five day’s affair. Kalipuja on the other hand is only one day affair, so, youngsters love to have some fun in the name of Kalipuja, you will see one pandal in every corner! Blaring loudspeakers and young boys (mostly) clustered around.

It is heard far and wide!


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