Agnishatdal 17.10.16


Good morning and a happy Monday! Tomorrow the Kartik Issue of Agnishatdal and Agnijaat will be out, you know the drills, how to get them and from this month onwards how to buy them!

Durgapuja is over, Laxmipuja is over, two are over two left, Kalipuja and Bhaiphota, most of the Bengalis are back to drudgery mode though, because durgapuja is THE festival, kalipuja is mostly celebrated by kids and those who perform it in clubs or homes, rest just enjoy it a little but not as much as durgapuja, but then Bhaiphota is another HUGE festival of Bengalis, Bengalis hold this festival very close to their hearts. The festival of brothers and sisters.

But there is some time before these two festivals show up, write something for Agrahayan Agnishatdal (17th Novemeber issue) and send it to me or enjoy the Kartik issue that were published on 18th October or buy the first quarterly issues from Amazon.

Have fun.

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