Agnishatdal 10.10.16


Good morning and a happy Monday! The durgapuja is almost over, tomorrow it will be over for yet another year. We never have enough of this Puja, believe me! The day one year’s puja is over we start the countdown for the next one with a huge sigh.

The Twins – Agnishatdal and Agnijaat are out in Amazon, you must have noticed it now, if not then do notice and check them out.

Well, a little Sharadiya gift from the twins will be up tomorrow, on Vijayadashami, you can download that pdf file if you like it. I will be very happy!

Have a blessed time!


2 thoughts on “Agnishatdal 10.10.16

    1. Me being a lazy, lazy woman you will get it in Kalipuja, I will add Kalipuja and Laxmipuja in it and make it a package to three Goddesses, maybe I will add mother Goddess Saraswati too in advance. I was planning daily presence in this blog during durgapuja, then I ditched it and relished sermistabasu and horrorimo heh heh. blame casie!

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