Agnishatdal 19.9.16 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TROY!

Troy Photo on 7-11-15 at 00_34 _2

Today is Troy David Loy’s birthday. His connection with me is really funny, just like most of the friendships are I guess!

We belong to two different spheres, his knowledge in science and all other things (that zip over my head) are immense and deep, I on the other hand stack up my brain with things after measuring them with the scale of beauty, spiritualism etc. etc… still he is a priceless reader of my works, too priceless I mean! No one can beat him in that ground-ever! I really don’t know what a person like him, so intelligent and learned sees in my works, but I am glad that he does! Suits me just fine!

So, I certainly am celebrating his birthday with all the joy I can muster from across the pond, sitting in Kolkata, hope you too will join me and wish this priceless friend of mine a fabulous, joy filled day and a divine, blessed life!

Happy birthday Troy, May God bless you with every good thing and more!



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