Thursday Glimpses 15.9.16

fireborn 15.3.16 2

Freedom? What exactly is freedom for women? Forget about India, how many women in world can say they live a free life, as free as men I mean. As long as there are men women won’t be free! If dinosaurs eat all men women will claw each other to death! So freedom is but a illusion for women.

But in western countries women can live on their own, alone without being labeled or targeted. Try that in India and you will sooner or later become allergic to Indian society, especially if you have to go out and earn your bread and meet those predators and depraved people who think single women are always available to pigs. They have no right to shun pigs.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Glimpses 15.9.16

  1. You raise some challenging issues. I believe whole heartedly in equality for all of humanity but it is along way from realization. I have been disheartened by the way so many women rip into each other and bring down the sisterhood. Why is this? It is so widespread that it seems to be part of who we are. That said, I’ve joined some very encouraging women’s groups which have restored my faith. I grew up having mostly male friends. I knew where I stood, although so many of them disappeared after I got married so I don’t think things were quite so clear after all.


    1. I too believe men are better friends than women, unfortunately my society does not allows mingling between sexes, boy! its not worth the trouble it will certainly cause. So, I keep myself happy with my cyber friends hoping they are actually men not women pretending to be men… women truly cause far more damages to women than men do! believe me! Especially in conservative societies.

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      1. Take heart, Sharmishtha! I have also made some exceptional female friends online and am grateful I live in Australia where I can have male friends. That said, that changed a lot since I got married. Have you heard of 1000 Voices for Compassion? They’re a great group of people I know you’d enjoy. Here’s the link:
        Lots of love and best wishes,


  2. Double standards exist; yes, it’s true… I doubt we will see an end within our life time, Trisha. However, writing about it, talking about it, thinking upon it, helps create change.
    More power to you, Bengali Warrior!


    1. very true, human beings are taught to hide their true feelings, nature from too early an age, so, by the time they grow up they become hypocrites, some willingly most by pressure of society. I too say 1% of what I actually think, learnt too many bitter lessons, that is why I started writing Agnijaat. 🙂

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