Agnishatdal 12.9.16

As you guys know, the Ashwin Issue of the twins, Agnishatdal and Agnijaat will be up on 18th September, 1st Ashwin. Looking forward to your views on it!

If you want to contribute in the next issue, check out the page, I am really keen for long time involvement, like most of my authors are trying to be with the ezine for at least six months… If you have something in mind, something special you want to share, like critics, or tech essays, or something related to your blog but for everyone (no marketing- only mutual support of two creative persons)… don’t hesitate, I will be gladder, like Carolyn is generously (super) sharing her reflections, gems of words…

The page containing all the mumbo jumbos of formalities etc…

and if they don’t deter you from submitting send your submissions to and a copy of your mail to, do double-check with me if you don’t see the acknowledgement in blog, DON’T USE the id connected to the blog, they are rarely checked, they are stuffed with mails from wordpress that I check only when I have lot of time and patience.

If you want to write a guest post for me, in my blog Indie Adda (the post will be reposted in FB page of Indie Adda too, and may get included in Agnishatdal) then write something about writing/writers/indie publishing etc. and send them to me, in the above email addresses, and in their case too, be vigilant, if they are not acknowledged in Indie Adda then let me know.

If you want me to write a guest post for you, write to me, what are you waiting for?

If you want to advertise in the Ezines, feel free to send them to me, the charges are Rs. 75 per page (one time), but I will pick up the advertisements, if you want me to create one for you, the charge will become Rs. 150 (one time) I will of course get your approval before publishing it.

Till then… stay happy and blessed!


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