Thursday Glimpses 25.8.16

Just a few articles (reposted from my blog to give you an idea about this writer of Agnishatdal, for the others you will have to check out their blogs and the magazine.

Women Now and Then 5

The place of Indian women in family life is the place of servitude and sacrifices. They are taught these two skills with great gusto since childhood, especially by other women. They have to “serve” to be in the good book of society and “sacrifice” to elevate higher.

The more you will serve and sacrifice the better woman you will be in the eyes of people around you. If you put your needs first you will be instantly labeled selfish. If you prefer not to sacrifice you will be called the same.

This tragically is true, not even an ounce of exaggeration. Even in the most educated families these two things are demanded directly or indirectly from women of the family.

This is another thing that has not changed much. The only change that has occurred is women have stopped being a fool to benefit others once in a while.


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