Shallow is your water,
adulterated with mud and sand,
that is why beasts or men
venture not near
when they can
they walk for miles to the river
that gives them water sweet and pure.
It is not that the river
had a billboard announcing her
in the pasture where creatures roam!
They have tested you and rejected you,
if you cant be a river,
become a pond,
get a little deeper
and you will see
those who have left you will return to thee!
Dumbest creatures too can feel
difference between depthless and deep.

4 thoughts on “depthless

  1. ~at an angle water is the reflection of all things~when one gets closer the depths in its crystalness are transparent~then one can see how depths rise to the surface in sight~wisdom is now shown in how close one gets to that one within~ 😀


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