Thursday Glimpses 11.8.16

Just a few articles (reposted from my blog to give you an idea about this writer of Agnishatdal, for the others you will have to check out their blogs and the magazine.

Women Now and Then 3

Women- let them be mothers, wives, sisters or daughters, they are always called the extra baggage by their family members, sometimes straight on their faces. That’s the way things have been since women were forced to stay indoors and run homes. With time that became a free of cost service, that is, men forgot that those chores too have a monetary value, they weighed “work” with the amount of salary that gets, and household chores done by women don’t earn any money so… they became baggage.

Fortunately, this one thing has changed a bit in case of city women, their family members have started to realize how lucky they are to have someone run chores with love and care while they toil away outside. But in villages and poor families it is mostly the old yardstick that measures things.


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