Thursday Glimpses 28.7.16

Just a few articles (reposted from my blog to give you an idea about this writer of Agnishatdal, for the others you will have to check out their blogs and the magazine.

Women Now and Then 1

Marriage once was not essential for women, in Vedic era we will read about scholars who did not married, lived on their own and some of them lived quite free life too, had partners without marriage, then came the shackles, and new forms of torment in the name of “marriage”, it became such a torture device that no wonder women today shun it with great pleasure. Even at the cost of being branded with ugliest names by the society.

Yes, a century or more ago women were forced to marry, they did not had any say against that, these days they do, but if they don’t and live on their own they are served all types of disgusting dishes by the society, most are lies.


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