Agnishatdal and Agnijaat

Well, when I started planning Agnishatdal I was quite sure that no one will write for it, so I decided a simple thing- I will create a 100 page magazine and sell it for 1$.

But my friends are telling me that 1$ is too cheap, but I honestly want to keep it 1$ so I have sliced down its size and will be using my own writing to fill up the quota of 100 pages, the rest of it will be the works by my writer friends.

As for sating my muse, who is always bursting with energy I have decided to give life to another daughter, Agnijaat, she will be my works, only my works.

After much contemplating on a suggestion by David ( I am planning to publish Agnijaat from good old amazon, ONLY IF THEY ACCEPT MY FORMAT FOR THEIR EBOOK, otherwise She too will be distributed in the same style as Agnishatdal, you will have to manually request me via my two email ids (they are quite wicked- eat up mails, so better be safe than sorry)- and

They both will be published on 17th July, it is better to have one birthday for two kids I guess!

Bless them and wish them luck!


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