Comments not accepted on pages in this theme?

Why can’t anyone comment on pages of this theme? It is such an amazing theme and I certainly wont be changing it if other bugs don’t show up! But there is no option of posting comments in the pages, why????

Do you know? I checked the settings and noticed that the comment settings are same for pages and posts, right? so it is all peachy there but one cant post comments in pages, that is a drawback for blog pages I believe, right?

Should I look elsewhere?



13 thoughts on “Comments not accepted on pages in this theme?

  1. When creating pages in my theme, it is a matter of scrolling down the page until the comments/likes options come into view. There is then the option to tick them or not.
    Have you tried this? Perhaps you can go back into the page (edit) and scroll down to see if these options are available..
    Here’s hoping it works..!


    1. sobs… scrolled all the way down, checked no options for comments that is not included in the page, I added a contact form! hope that will work, I wonder where those comments will go if someone adds something in the contact form. Will you test it for me I hope it wont go into the mail!!

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