Arjo Dasgupta Agnishatdal Ezine’s Facebook Page Editor

Meet Arjo Dasgupta guys, it is hard to believe that we met (on cyberspace) just a few months ago and he became an invaluable member of my Bengali blog instantly! His Bengali works are priceless in one word (, so is his creativity.


When I was fumbling about my facebook department (which I just can’t fit into, I just can’t spend more than a few hours each month in FB, don’t know why but I just don’t rhyme in it) he voluntarily offered me his free devotion to the site. Though I tried to scare him away by telling him the truth, that it is about a group of friends creating a classic and it contains all types of thinkers irrespective of their religion, country and other backgrounds and they are my invaluable friends, more precious than the magazine, I can any day write another magazine but can’t make a true friend unless the other person wants it too, so, when it comes to losing one I will lose the magazine. So he will have to always keep a very keen eye on the contents of the page, he amicably agreed.


I have given him absolutely free run in the facebook and other related ventures he want to pick up, I will just keep an eye that the contents are just as the way I have described Agnishatdal’s Soul to be. I will be really glad to see you guys in the page agnishatdalezine and the group too. The group is agnishatdal the ezine. He will be running these two shows more than me, I will be fully in the pdf and wordpress departments of the magazine, if I can master in future epub department!


So friends, meet and welcome Agnishatdal’s Facebook Page editor Arjo Dasgupta.



  1. To get your works in the Ezine, Agnishatdal I will be the solo judge 😉 too possessive about that, so send your works to only or, if I change email address I will announce that from here and all other blogs that I run to be safe. I am too habituated in being solo to let someone else flitter around the pdf department- sorry! The Ezine Department will be absolutely independent from Facebook Department in every sense, Facebook department on the other hand will get some glimpses of Ezine department (post publication) and once in a while maybe an author from there will share works in the magazine. Hopefully authors from here will check out the facebook site and group regularly.
  2. The Facebook department is absolutely independent, it will be used to publicize Agnishatdal in Facebook and any other site Arjo wants to. It may or may not have much to do with the Ezine. 
  3. I am yet to know Arjo, so you will have to know/judge him yourself J we are only cyberfriends, and I am very grateful that he is handling the facebook page so he won’t vouch for me or I won’t vouch for him!
  4. If you are more interested in facebook then do check out the facebook page and join my friend circle in the profile agnishatdal, then I will invite you to the group too, I have created a group in facebook in which I have already added some friends, will love to have a full group. Guess I will have to start checking my facebook profiles weekly! 😉





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