Writers of Agnishatdal Shravan Issue whose submissions have reached

writers for first issue

The writers of first issue: Shravan Issue (17.7.16)

  1. Dominic Collucci- published author of a set of wonderful collection of poetry. You can check them out at lulu.com (http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/zendom) . His bio will be coming up real soon with things he will allow me to share!
  2. Brieuc Onraet Martin- Well he is a magical story teller and photographer- check out his blog and you will agree- equinoxio21.wordpress.com
  3. Arjo Dasgupta- He is one amazing writer, mostly writes in Bengali but is picking up English stories too, he blogs in bongstories.wordpress.com
  4. Raghunandan Kuppuswamy- If you want true wisdom and a treasure trove of Indian mythology check out his works in ksriranga.wordpress.com
  5. Gayle Walters Rose- she is full of beauty, wisdom and fun, a published author whose works can be relished in her blog bodhirose.wordpress.com.
  6. Carolyn Page- she is so full of light, beauty, wisdom and fun- you will absolutely love her after reading her blog abcofspiritalk.wordpress.com
  7. Sharmishtha Basu- well, she is Agnishatdal’s mother, and like any doting mother she will be around, you can check out her works through hundred links in the blog or at amazon, where she has published some of her works.
  8. Lisa Ojanpera, this amazing artist, writer, photographer, poet used to blog in undergroundenergy.wordpress.com but have moved on to her own website aculturebent.com, her full bio will be shared real soon.
  9. Hemdiva and Arjo are our junior most writers I think, Hemdiva is a published author, her book can be seen in amazon, and her works can be seen in her blog momsprincespari.wordpress.com, wait for her full bio too!
  10. Troy David Lloy, a mind-blowing artist and amazing writer, he runs a set of blogs like me, start with his prime blog kestalusrealm.wordpress.com and wait for his bio here.

I last checked gmail last evening, that is on 15th, I will check again today, and tomorrow morning too, for those who live on other side of globe and then pack up the works for July and start sprucing them up.


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