Agnishatdal’s Soul for you

The soul of Agnishatdal is love and compassion mostly, the works of fiction can be anything, as long as it is not gothic or erotic or deliberately hurting anyone- any group.


But the non fiction department is a little different, here our main target will be to share truth to improve our world believing always that our true identity is we are at first human beings, earthlings who of course live in a country, follow a religion (or not) but in the end know deep within that these are just things and we can do without them if needed, they are just our habits, some a few centuries old some more. We in reality worship (or don’t) one single God and live in the countries we are born into or landed in!


We follow the religions to improve ourselves as human beings not go downwards! We will chose humanity, love for universe and love in simple sense as our primary religions if time for making choices come.


Honestly we will try to show that people from all over the world, following any religion or none can stay together for years, with love because we are matured enough to respect difference and understand it too!


Let me tell you one thing hatemongers don’t have a place here. If you can’t get over it then you will not be able to become one with it sooner or later you will walk away I fear!


Join us with an open mind, heart, we don’t like everything we come across, but hating things we don’t do or understand is truly foolish or naïve. An open mind allows growth, a closed mind is prone to decay.

14 thoughts on “Agnishatdal’s Soul for you

      1. it is not, as far as I read in the forums (about twenty or so) the problem is collecting the subscription amount and publicity and contents, you cant have a single issue of a magazine, you will have to create quality content for years! That is why I have kept it in pdf form, so that people can directly buy from me when they want!


  1. Inter faith, or no religious talk at all. 🙂
    Religion can teach morals and inspire faith in hard times, however, it can also be a source of blind dogma. We were all made from one source, not from a religion!


    1. that is exactly what I believe too, we were made by God and we wrote religious scriptures, sorry! that is it! Honestly I believe we give religions bad names, basically they are not at all harmful if we practice them with conscience and brain.


  2. Is it possible to include a email enrolment for the Neanderthals:-)

    Great solo effort. Wishing you shuba aaramb!

    OK, I got it. Below this reply box there is a check box for receiving intimation..


    1. but you know they don’t always work, right? 🙂 better check your close friends from your reader, like I do. I keep a separate list for them so that I don’t miss their writings and keep adding the names whenever someone becomes close.

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